AH Formatter V7.2 MR2

包括對字體拉伸屬性的增強功能以及對 XSL 和 CSS 版本的改進。
12月 17, 2021


  • Enhancements:
    • The value of xml:lang specified in the higher level XML can now be inherited when an SVG is referenced in a higher level XML such as FO or HTML.
    • The font-stretch property can now be specified for <axf:font-face> / CSS @font-face.


  • FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    • Performance problem due to incorrect processing of tables and markers.
    • axf:overflow-condense="font-size" produced an incorrect font size in a static area with retrieve marker.
    • If there was fo:inline-container before the non-starter character, the non-starter processing was not performed even if axf:line-break="strict" was specified.
    • Standard PDF tagging structure was being remaped.
    • TBody PDF tag could not be suppressed with axf:pdftag="''".
    • axf:scope information was not included.
    • axf:normalize="none" didn't preserve the non-breaking space.
    • keep-together.within-line="always" didn't work in fo:inline with fo:bidi-override children.
    • Crash with supplied file.
  • CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    • Error with negative -ah-float-margin-y value.
    • -ah-hyphenation-keep: column was not working.
    • zlib error with a large document.
    • Corrupt PDF output using a PDF background image.
    • Footnote counter reset was not working if TeX hyphenation was used.
    • 'auto' in the named page list used a wrong page selector.
    • Incorrect value for target-counter pointing to a float.
    • @import with media selector reported an error.
    • ::footnote call was repeated at the beginning of a column.
    • Crash with supplied document.
  • Common:
    • Incorrect line breaking between ' and «.
  • Other:
    • Font weight was changed on the following page.
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF/X-4 validation error with an image that used the different version of output intent profile.
    • SimSun was chosen as a Japanese font.
    • In SVG files, text-decoration marked up in CSS was not evaluated.
    • Bookmarks no longer jump to the locations when converting AreaTree to PDF.
    • Hostname in external-destination was being resolved and increased the rendering time accordingly.
AH Formatter

AH Formatter

使用 CSS 或 XSL-FO 設置文件的列印和 PDF 格式。


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