DevExpress Office File API 21.2.6

PDF API 添加創建符合 ZUGFeRD 標準具有 XRechnung 合規性級別的發票的功能。
March 03, 2022 - 15:31


PDF Document API

  • Usability - Added the ability to create ZUGFeRD-compliant Invoices with XRechnung conformance level.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • Usability - Added a flag in the IgnoredErrorType enumeration to ignore all cell errors.


PDF Document API

  • Document Signer - Encryption is lost after signing specific documents.
  • Interactive forms - The Document.AcroForm.GetFormField method crashes on an attempt to get a form field if the document contains multiple fields with the same name.
  • The FlattenForm method returns False even if the form flattening process was successful.
  • The PDF Document API library and PdfViewer don't preserve the "Unencrypted wrapper document" PDF 2.0 feature when resaving a PDF document.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • A specific array formula is incorrectly calculated when the iterative calculation is enabled.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown on an attempt to save a specific document.
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown on an attempt to refresh the pivot cache if the pivot table has multiple row fields.
  • The SetValueFromText allows inserting a string longer than 32767 characters.
  • The Spreadsheet Document API library crashes with System.NullReferenceException on saving a Microsoft Excel document that contains VML tags without end tags.
  • The Spreadsheet Document API/SpreadsheetControl does not preserve the "updateLinks" workbook property on saving an XLSX document.

Word Processing Document API

  • A nested table is rendered incorrectly for a particular OpenXml document.
  • Charts - A chart is incorrectly exported to an image when a document is saved in the HTML format.
  • Export to DOCX - An exception occurs on an attempt to save a specific document to DOCX.
  • Export to DOCX - The layout is messed up after saving a specific document to DOCX and reloading it.
  • Export to HTML - InvalidOperationException occurs on an attempt to get the HtmlText property value.
  • Export to Rtf - A table from a specific .Rtf document looks incorrect in Microsoft Office Word if the document was saved by the DevExpress Rich Text Editor.
  • Frames - Specific frames are positioned incorrectly after loading a specific document.
  • Import from DOCX - Paragraphs have incorrect spacing after loading a specific document.
  • Printing - Watermarks are incorrectly sized on printing.
  • Shapes - Gradients applied to shapes are inverted.
  • Text in a table cell located at the bottom of a page may be cropped if a cell located in the same row but in a different column is expanded to the next page.
  • The application hangs on an attempt to calculate the layout for a specific document table.
  • The header shape is missing after exporting a specific RTF document to the OpenXml format.
  • The image location is broken after resaving a specific OpenXml document.
  • The TextBox location is incorrectly calculated for a certain RTF document.
DevExpress Office File API

DevExpress Office File API

讀寫 Excel 和 Word 檔、創建和編輯 PDF 文件、生成條形碼和壓縮的檔案。


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