ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2022 v1

添加欄選取器、列標題工具提示並改進了 FlexGrid 的 PDF 匯出。
4月 1, 2022


  • Accessible PDF Export from FlexGrid - Improved PDF export from FlexGrid to provide accessibility support. Produce tagged PDFs while exporting FlexGrid.
  • Dynamic Tab Ordering in All Controls - Modern applications have dynamic pages/views that constantly change with user interaction. To change the tabIndex (tab ordering) on all controls at runtime, use the TabOrder property.
  • More FlexGrid Samples - GrapeCity have added several samples for FlexGrid to showcase various possible scenarios it could be used in:
    • TreeGrid Sample - Use FlexGrid as a treeview, or "TreeGrid.” These new samples show how to create an unbound TreeGrid, bind to XML, create an editable TreeGrid, and lazy loading techniques.
  • Dynamic Data Maps - You can use Data Map dynamically, filtering the values in the drop-down list if it depends on some conditions. For example, the datagrid shows a list of data items with countries and cities. The drop-down city list includes only cities in the data item's country.
  • Column Picker - The sample shows how to implement a column-picker for FlexGrid. It also shows how to implement column drag and drop within column picker to move columns in the datagrid.
  • Column Header Tooltips - This sample shows how to add tooltips to the datagrid's column headers. The sample utilizes ToolTip to integrate this feature on the client-side.
New column-picker for FlexGrid.

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