ExpressQuantumPack 21.2.5

改進了 QuantumGrid(量子網格)、編輯器和試算表控制項。
4月 28, 2022 - 15:39


All VCL products

  • Cell's selection in grid lost when right mouse click if OptionsBehavior.HotTrack is on.
  • TcxLocalizer - The default resource string values are not restored when the localizer component is destroyed.

ExpressEditors Library

  • All Shell Dialogs - The active file preview disappears when the shell dialog refreshes the displayed folder.
  • Programmatically displayed screentips are not shown on the target monitor and are incorrectly scaled in certain cases when the TdxScreenTipRepository component is placed on a form displayed on another monitor with different DPI.
  • Shell dialogs - The FileName and Files properties do not return valid filenames when the OnCanClose event occurs.
  • Visual artifacts when changing the Dataset's focused record with TDBCtrlGrid and TcxDBLabel in it.


  • SVG Images - The "Invalid operation in GDI+ (Code: 2)" error occurs when drawing an element with certain parameters in the "stroke-dasharray" attribute.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Banded Table Views - An AV occurs when the "Group By" box displays a column header that is not linked to a band.
  • Layout View - An item's caption disappears when the item's LayoutItem.CaptionOptions.Width property is assigned.
  • Master-Detail - ExportGridTo~ methods - No master record expands when the export method accepts True as an AExpand parameter and the last master record cannot be expanded.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The filter button remains visible when the filter pop-up window closes if the mouse pointer is hovering over it.
  • The 256-color BMP file assigned to the TBitmap property via the Image Picker loses the transparency mask when converted to 32-bit if a form/frame contains a DevExpress control.


  • A defined name expression is incorrectly parsed if it contains a reference to an entire row or column.
  • Bottom border of cell disappears when the row below it is hidden.
  • The "Stack overflow" error occurs when a cyclic formula expression is calculated if it accepts a cell range as a parameter.
  • The content of a cell whose Style.AlignHorz property is set to ssahFill overlaps an adjacent empty cell.
  • The Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Shift+8 keystrokes raise the "Stack Overflow" error if the focus is adjacent to or within a large populated cell range.
  • The Paste operation in Microsoft Excel results in an error if the document copied from a Spreadsheet control contains at least two defined names with identical names but different scopes.
  • The Style.ShrinkToFit property of the active cell has no effect on merged cell content.


用此組件套件,將廣泛的網格、列印、排版和剝皮功能添加到您的 Delphi 和 C++ Builder 應用程式。


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