DevExpress WinForms 21.2.8

改進了圖表、PDF 檢視器和網格控制項。
6月 09, 2022 - 14:46


All WinForms products

  • "'Method 'DevExpress.XtraReports.Design.VSCore.TypeInfoDiscovery.RemoteClassStub.ChrW' not found" error occurs when a report is opened in the Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer.
  • Bricks added to a panel in a custom report control are not displayed on the surface of the End-User Report Designer.
  • Colors with names containing spaces cannot be used in CSS.
  • Controls from the toolbox cannot be dropped on tab/navigation pages in Microsoft .NET/.NET Core designer.
  • Direct X - Layout Features | Anchoring Demo - The price is cropped on switching to the Landscape orientation.
  • Document Viewer - The Reset button does not clear all currently selected cascading parameter values.
  • Export to PDF - Some characters are missing in the exported PDF document after the upgrade to v21.2.7 if a custom font is used.
  • FederationDataSource - The internal data source's Fill method is not called for subreports.
  • Form shadow flickers when Backstage View is opened/closed.
  • Preview - The value of a parameter is not applied when the Enter button is pressed quickly.
  • ReportPrintTool - The Cancel button is missing from the standalone "Parameters" panel.
  • Scrollable controls cannot be scrolled using accessibility tools.
  • TransitionManager - Add a way to normalize an image during the transition animation.
  • XRBarCode - The Validate method works incorrectly if a barcode has borders.

Data Access Library

  • JSON Data Source - An error occurs when opening a specific JSON file.
  • JsonDataSource fails to load data for large numbers exceeding int64 (BigInt numbers).

PDF Viewer

  • Parsing - A FontDescriptor object without FontBBox cannot be parsed.
  • UI - Skins are incorrectly applied to PdfSearchProgressForm.
  • Usability - There is no event to determine the moment when a form field editor is created and get its value.


  • ReplaceMisspellingCommand cannot be overridden.

XtraBars Suite

  • A minimized hamburger menu does not display text of elements if any of the elements has an image.
  • AccordionControl - AccordionControlElement is not shown when it is added using the AddItem method.
  • AccordionControl adds a redundant indent to child items when ActiveGroupDisplayMode is GroupHeaderAndContent.
  • AccordionControl in Hamburger Mode is scaled incorrectly in Per-Monitor V2 scaling mode.
  • BarButtonItem - There is no capability to specify the maximum Description width.
  • BarButtonItem defined with an SVG image is colored differently in Quick Access Toolbar and the Caption Bar.
  • BarItems - It is not possible to determine the current paint style in the RibbonControl component.
  • BarManager - There is no check to see if Item is null in the BarItemLink.Enabled property.
  • BarManager's Customization Form cannot be opened if both the base and inherited form containing it are open at design time.
  • DockManager - InvalidOperationException is thrown when restoring the component layout.
  • DockManager - There is no way to click the caption's buttons when using the Light style and a large CustomResizeZoneThickness value.
  • It is not possible to double-click Toolstrip items at design time if TabPane's tab is under such an item.
  • Keyboard accelerators disappear after navigating through a submenu.
  • NavigationFrame is scaled incorrectly in Per-Monitor V2 scaling mode.
  • Ribbon Search Menu only accepts one character when Primary Shortcut Processor is set to Bar Item.
  • RibbonControl does not exit full-screen mode when the auto-hidden ribbon is expanded.
  • Taskbar Assistant - The ParentControl property is not set when dropping Taskbar Assistant onto a form in a Microsoft .NET 6 project.
  • The form designer cannot be opened when OfficeNavigationBar is used.
  • ToolbarForm menu is not activated when the Alt key is pressed.
  • ToolboxControl - Search results are cleared when entering more than one symbol.

XtraCharts Suite

  • 3D Pie - Series labels rendering artifacts occur in certain cases.
  • Chart Control for WinForms - The Legend.Alignment property value cannot be changed in Chart Designer.
  • Chart for WinForms - NullReferenceException occurs if an Annotation is anchored to a Series Point and the AllowResample option is enabled.
  • Chart for WinForms - ChartDesigner - Setting the legend alignment has no effect.
  • Chart for WinForms - Designer displays the Value section instead of the Color section in the Data tab for series.
  • Chart for WinForms - Narrow strips are not displayed without zooming in certain cases.
  • The chart layout is incorrect after calling the XYDiagram.ResetZoom method in the LegendItemChecked event handler.
  • The e.LegendMarkerVisible property does not work in the CustomDrawSeries event handler.
  • XRChart shows the zero value with the negative sign in the point label in certain cases.


  • DiagramControl incorrectly generates the ribbon menu if there is another RibbonControl on the form.
  • Items overlap in certain cases.
  • ToolboxControl doesn't automatically switch an item's icon and text positions when the RTL mode is enabled.

XtraEditors Library

  • Application.ThreadExit event fires when closing a Splash Screen.
  • BarCodeControl - The VerticalTextAlignment property resets the value of the HorizontalTextAlignment property.
  • ButtonEdit - The Auto Complete popup doesn't close when a button is clicked and Advanced Mode is enabled.
  • Certain text element properties are not applied to nested elements when the SVG image is drawn.
  • CustomDisplayText event does not work with an in-place GridLookUpEdit in AutoSuggest mode.
  • DateEdit - The calendar closes immediately when selecting a date even if the CalendarTimeEditing option is enabled.
  • DateEdit - The OK/Cancel buttons are not centered in the editor popup when the calendar control is hidden.
  • DxHtmlElementEventArgs are not inherited from EventArgs.
  • FlyoutPanel - The BeforeHide event stops firing after its Cancel parameter is set to true.
  • HyperLinkEdit's hit information is calculated incorrectly when the StartLinkOnClickingEmptySpace setting is disabled in RTL mode.
  • LookUpEdit - No text is displayed when the text contains the ampersand(&) symbol.
  • OverlayForm - The disableInput parameter is not taken into account when the form is shown using a button.
  • OverlayForm - The form overlaps the second screen when the overlay is shown for a maximized form.
  • PopupContainerEdit.PopupControl is disposed of when Conditional Formatting dialogs that use it are closed.
  • RepositoryItemMemoExEdit - The icon is not displayed when using the Blue skin.
  • RepositoryItemPictureEdit - The SvgImageColorizationMode property is not taken into account.
  • SplashScreenManager is generated as a local variable.
  • SplitContainerControl - A splitter cannot be moved between panels with docked controls in .NET 6.
  • StepProgressBar - The ContentBlock property is not localized by the form localization mechanism.
  • TablePanel - Columns width are incorrect when an auto-size control spans in multiple auto-size columns.
  • TablePanel - The control is not docked in a cell when it is dropped from the Toolbox in .NET 6.
  • TextEdit - The label is truncated if a control is disabled and text exceeds the control width.
  • TextEdit - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown after removing text from an editor that is handled by the SpellChecked component in Advanced Mode.
  • TextEdit - Part of a symbol can be removed.
  • TextEdit - The editor flashes with the previous value during the transition animation.
  • TextEdit - The MaxLength property is not taken into account when data is entered in the middle of text in Advanced Mode.
  • TextEdit in Advanced Mode - The Text property accepts multiline text on pasting.
  • The href tag value can not be set using the binding function.
  • The TimeSpanEdit dropdown behaves incorrectly when the "f" mask expression is used.
  • The touch keyboard is not displayed for the focused TextEdit in certain cases.
  • TokenEdit - Cells display incorrect data when multiple rows use the same RepositoryItem object in Manual mode.
  • TokenEdit - The text area is disabled after one token is checked if all tokens from the editor's data source are selected.
  • Tooltip with a beak has a misplaced shadow when the WindowsFormsSettings.AllowRoundedWindowCorners property is enabled.
  • XtraDialog - Buttons are not displayed after upgrade.
  • XtraDialog - The dialog form flickers when shown and it's not possible to modify its ShowMode property.
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - It is not possible to hide hot key prefixes in the folder context menu.
  • XtraInputBox cannot be resized according to the control's width.
  • XtraMessageBox - The dialog is shown on the primary screen despite the location of the parent form.

XtraGauges Suite

  • GaugeControl - Visual Studio restarts when the control designer is shown with non-standard DPI settings.

XtraGrid Suite

  • Columns in the top row of the AdvBandedGridView column panel cannot be moved if more than one band is hidden using the OptionsView.ShowBands property.
  • GridControl - Borders are not shown when GridControl is placed and docked inside GroupControl and GroupControl's Padding is greater than zero.
  • GridView - FormatException is thrown when adding a SUM and AVG summary on a column bound to a nullable TimeSpan.
  • GridView - The Auto Filter Row cell is not cleared when you select the content and erase it.
  • GridView - The Average and Sum summaries set in the Group Summary Editor form are not correctly shown for the TimeSpan column.
  • GridView - The conditional formatting font size is not restored when a layout is loaded if other font properties are set.
  • GridView - The Edit Form does not respond to an OptionsBehavior.ReadOnly property change.
  • GridView - The MRU dropdown is not displayed in the Filter Panel when filters in Visual filter criteria style are cleared.
  • GridView - The values of a nullable field in a conditional formatting rule are exported to Microsoft Excel as strings.
  • GridView throws NullReferenceException when MasterRowGetChildList is handled without MasterRowGetRelationName.
  • LayoutView throws an exception if the last item is removed from the data source.
  • Opening GridControl's Data Source Configuration Wizard causes Visual Studio to crash in certain conditions.
  • PropertyGridControl does not display child rows for a byte array.
  • Redundant filter criteria may result in a NullReferenceException.
  • Skin - The HighlightSearch and HighlightSearchText skin properties are not used to paint the search results.
  • SVG images are not shown in WinExplorerView when an HTML template is used.
  • The GridControl filter is not reset in AutoFilterRow if a read-only column is used.
  • TileView - Kanban groups aren't saved and restored correctly when Workspace Manager is used.
  • TileView - The group header can show multi line text with vertical orientation using the HTML format.
  • TileView throws NullReferenceException when restoring a layout with a GroupedColumn.
  • UnboundDataType for enum is not restored when calling RestoreLayoutFromStream.
  • WinExplorerView - The EmptySpace appearance gradient does not work.
  • WinExplorerView - The scrollbar's position is incorrectly set when the view is filtered.
  • WinExplorerView cannot apply multiple HTML templates in the QueryItemTemplate event handler.
  • WinExplorerView does not support GIF animations.
  • WinExplorerView incorrectly restores a layout with a GroupedColumn.

XtraLayout Suite

  • Layout Control - TabbedControlGroup's caption image is stretched when the image padding is increased.
  • LayoutControl - A Visual Studio crashes when opening a custom UserCustomizationForm at design time in .NET 6.
  • The .NET/.NET Core designer crashes in Visual Studio 2019 after LayoutControl is dropped from the toolbox.


  • Map Control for WinForms - Labels for clustered items disappear when scrolling the map.
  • Map Control for WPF - Usability - There is no event that is raised when you remove a Map Ruler.
  • Map Editor for WinForms - Usability - The Delete key removes a newly created item even if it is not selected.
  • Map for WinForms - Custom Vector Tile provider implementation is incorrect.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • PivotGrid for WinForms - Async mode - Loading icon flickers when loading the form.
  • PivotGrid for WinForms - Filter Editor incorrectly filters data when the text of a field is overridden in the FieldValueDisplayText event in certain cases.
  • PivotGrid for WinForms - It is impossible to call the CreateDrillDownSource method in the CustomGroupInterval event handler.
  • PivotGrid for WinForms - The GetAvailableValues method returns zero items when using OLAP Expression.
  • PivotGrid for WinForms - UnsafeTypeDeserializationException occurs when restoring a layout with the ProvideRowFieldValuesAsType option.
  • PivotGrid for WinForms incorrectly renders images in cells during scrolling when the DirectX Image Rendering is enabled.

XtraPrinting Library

  • BrickSelector.GetBricksByTag method compares tags by instances instead of checking their equality.


  • ReplaceMisspellingCommand cannot be overridden.
  • RichEdit - The incorrect background color is displayed if the document contains the \cb RTF tag.
  • RichEditControl allows editing protected ranges if the Track Changes option is turned on.
  • RTL text in a particular document is rendered incorrectly when RichEditControl uses theme fonts.
  • The application freezes on an attempt to open a specific OpenXml document.
  • XtraRichEdit - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the current Comment is accessed during the edit operation.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the TimeScaleFixedInterval.IsDateVisible method is overridden.
  • Exception is thrown in the report preview when the VisibleResourceCount property is used.
  • Scheduler - AppointmentDrag doesn't allow preventing dragging of individual appointments.
  • Scheduler - HTML Templates do not work in TimeLineView.
  • SchedulerControl - Resources are scrolled without animation in the Timeline View.
  • SchedulerControl - The control cannot display data from the internal list of the BindingSource collection.
  • SchedulerControl - The recurrence glyph is too big at high DPI.
  • SchedulerControl does not print appointments that are outside the print time if the PrintAllAppointments option is enabled.
  • SchedulerControl with the TimeLine view - An incorrect appointment time format may be applied on the application startup.
  • ToolTipController's BeforeShow event does not fire when AgendaView is used.


  • TextEdit - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown after removing text from an editor that is handled by the SpellChecked component in Advanced Mode.


  • Spreadsheet doesn't open a certain Excel 2007 file.
  • Spreadsheet - The new line symbol is added to the text editor in the Formula Bar when a formula contains an error.
  • SpreadsheetControl - Setting the DefaultRowHeight property doesn't update a worksheet's row height immediately.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Disabled Cell Behavior - NullReferenceException is thrown when a behavior with an expression is attached to a control with a visible Auto Filter Row.
  • Find Panel module in XtraTreeList MainDemo - Icons are not scaled correctly in the print preview when Per Monitor V2 is used.
  • Skin - The HighlightSearch and HighlightSearchText skin properties are not used to paint the search results.
  • The SelectionChanged event does not fire after data is filtered out.
  • TreeList - ArgumentException is thrown when columns with the same field name are added.
  • TreeList - The number of lines is incorrect in the preview area when AutoCalcPreviewLineCount is enabled and AutoWidth is disabled.
  • TreeList does not cancel creation of a new data record when a user cancels input in the new item row.
  • TreeList does not show values from a list with a simple data type.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • A cursor jumps to the start of an editor after posting a value in the property grid in the End-User Report designer.
  • Editors that implement the IHeightAdaptable interface cause performance drops in PropertyGridControl.
  • PropertyGridControl - The ShowFocusedFrame property does not work with the Office view type in v21.2.7.
  • PropertyDescriptionControl - The text is not cleared when the PropertyGridControl.SelectedObject property is set to null.
  • PropertyGrid - RepositoryItem is not assigned in the CustomRowCreated event handler.
  • PropertyGrid - Specified DateTime mask looks different in display and edit modes.
  • PropertyGridControl doesn't take the "Order" Data Annotation attribute into account.
  • PropertyGridControl with Office View doesn't allow disabling the touch scrollbar.
  • There is no way to respond to the refreshing of property rows in PropertyGridControl.
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