Astah System Safety v8.0

添加深色主題並優化了 UI。
7月 29, 2022 - 9:22


  • Dark Theme and refined UI: Dark Theme is now available and interface designs are refined.
  • Access models via Script Editor: Now you can use Script Editor in Astah System Safety which enables you to access models via script language for model validations, conversions and whatever you need.
  • Make your diagram more expressive with custom icons: Now you can upload image files and let multiple image files associate with a single stereotype. This allows you to choose the image that matches with what you want your diagram to express.
  • More extension on SysML models: Newly supports SysML Enumeration, and also supports Note anchors to individual slots. Change Vision have made several other extensions. As the stereotype of the model element with the type, not only the type but also the stereotype of the model itself will be displayed preferentially. Also, actors can be placed in the block definition diagram, and constraints can be added to generalization.
Dark Theme

Astah System Safety



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