Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 9.6.0

11月 30, 2022


C, C++, .NET, Java and Python SDK

  • Added support for handling image orientation. With this new feature, you can:
    • Get a 'TranformationMatrix' along with the barcode location result.
    • Implement coordinate transformation on the barcode location result with the 'TransformationMatrix'.
  • Improved localization of DotCodes that are close to one another.
  • Improved accuracy of localization algorithms for EAN8 barcode decoding.
  • QR code localizing has been improved by reducing the mis-assemble rate of finder patterns when using localization mode.
  • Mirrored rectangular DataMatrix barcodes are now supported by implementing 'MirrorMode' when localizing barcodes.
  • Improved decoding of deformed barcodes.
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader



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