AH Formatter V7.3 R1

添加對 SVG 2 呈現的支援以及對「濾鏡」和「蒙版」SVG 元素的支援。
1月 24, 2023


  • Added support for SVG 2 rendering.
  • Added support for 'filter' and 'mask' SVG elements.
  • Added support for Emojis.
  • Added the ability to check the display status of layers.
  • Added the ability to select how bookmarks open in the GUI.
  • Edit StyleSheet menu now shows a submenu when the document uses multiple CSS stylesheets.
  • Enhanced document info dialog.
  • Enhanced the ability to specify output pages.
  • Added option to output a blank page at the end of a job.
  • Extended CSS @font-face features.
  • Extended the value of the following:
    • axf:document-info / HTML <meta>.
    • axf:float-move / CSS -ah-float-move.
    • break-after / CSS (-ah-)break-after.
    • break-before / CSS (-ah-)break-before.
    • page-position.
    • initial-page-number.
    • axf:punctuation-trim / CSS (-ah-)punctuation-trim.
    • axf:text-combine-horizontal / CSS (-ah-)text-combine-horizontal.
    • border-style
    • axf:border-wave-form / CSS -ah-border-wave-form
  • Now able to specify the following:
    • CSS (-ah-)counter-set.
    • The image rotation.
    • Product version required for formatting.
    • Character string specified by watermark text.
  • Added the ability to adjust the origin of a PDF 'MediaBox' to be (0,0).
  • Set error level for unresolved internal destinations.
  • Specify whether to ignore invalid certificate errors in https.
  • Set effective heights for break-after and break-before.
  • Set character string for trimming space between ideograph character and non-ideographic alphabet character.
  • Set the line thickness for border-style="triple".
AH Formatter

AH Formatter

使用 CSS 或 XSL-FO 設置文件的列印和 PDF 格式。


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