TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 31.0 SP2

改進了 Web 編輯器、文字篩選器和郵件合併。
2月 23, 2023


Web Editor

  • Web Editor: Apple Pencil does not generate proper click events on Apple iPad.
  • The web service doesn't support IPv6.
  • Web Editor / JS API: Methods FrameBase.getSize() and TextFrame.getSize() don't work.
  • Web Editor / JS API: All getItem...() methods of class MisspelledWordCollection are broken.
  • textFieldDeleted event is not fired if a FormField Checkbox is deleted.
  • Focus is not maintained in the text when the ribbon is used.
  • TableCell cannot be deleted with the Delete RibbonButton.

Text Filters

  • Track Changes at the last input position of TextFrames are lost in RTF and DOCX format.
  • HTML import: UTF-16 surrogate pairs are not imported correctly in some cases.
  • HTML filter: some assertions are active in release build.

Mail Merge

  • DocumentServer: Setting MailMerge.RemoveEmptyFields to false has no effect in some cases.

Application Fields

  • Undo causes ApplicationField to lose part of its content.


  • Ribbon button description "Delete All Comments in Document" should be changed because it only deletes comments in current text part.

Single .NET Property

  • TextField.Deletable has no effect for form fields.

Table of Contents

  • TOC is not displayed correctly if the list type for an included paragraph is changed from Bulleted to Numbered/Structured.


  • Distance between list item and text changes due to insertion mode of image.


  • Field is split upon UNDO.

Text Formatting

  • Text input position is not updated when deleting characters with the Delete key in a paragraph with justified text.


  • Microsoft .NET (Core): Ribbon should detect any version of System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.
  • "Insert page number" is initially active.
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET

TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET

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