Enterprise Architect v16.1 (Build 1625)

March 02, 2023 - 17:16


  • Select Dialog 'Search' tab now allows you to find elements containing an apostrophe.
  • Model wizard category labels for MDG technology can now be specified in MTS files.
  • SysML activities can have an aggregation or composition to SysML blocks.
  • API function Element.Refresh() has been modified to support refreshing Browser package nodes.
  • Minor updates to the Strategic Modeling technology quicklinks.
  • Added a new shape script property 'hiddenparents' which provides a list of element generalizations not on the current diagram, separated by newline characters.
  • Improved behavior when inserting a document into a chat, journal or discussion item when the file name is very long.
  • Scripting Session.Input and Prompt will now always center on Enterprise Architect's main window.
  • Sequence message dialog has been updated to correctly position the Message Name field.
  • Added UAF Measurements Library as a model wizard pattern.
  • Updated document generation to correctly handle numbering when a template does not have fragments.
  • Updated model wizard patterns and documentation for ArchiMate and simulation technologies.
  • 'Export Package to Native/XMI File' dialog has been updated to specify the correct export type for Controlled Packages.
  • Minor efficiency improvements when logging in with Microsoft Windows Authentication.
  • Improved SVG image handling of font sizes.
  • Added an option to allow the removal of background fills.
  • Improved handling of stereotypes using Metafile images in QEA, QEAX and SQL Lite databases.
  • Schema Composer has been updated to ensure it correctly handles escaped extended ASCII characters when generating JSON.
  • Reuses information on Required and Provided Interfaces are now round-tripped using XMI and Native files.
  • The Code Miner & Code Analyzer have been updated to correctly handle the following C# language features:
    • 'where' clause in interface method declaration.
    • 'partial' interface declaration.
    • 'unsafe' interface method/property declaration.
    • Generic type in interface event declaration.
    • #if...#else...#endif directive.
    • 'await' expression (in method body).
    • 'default' value expression.
    • 'async' as identifier (as member variable name).
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