ComponentOne Studio WPF 2023 v1

包括 FlexGrid 性能和選擇增強功能,以及用於 .NET 6 的新 WPF Gauges(儀錶)。
March 31, 2023 - 10:35


  • FlexGrid for WPF Performance Enhancements - FlexGrid now supports creating custom cells using 2D drawing for optimal performance. This results in approx. 30% faster rendering when using 2D drawing techniques (such as drawString) compared to using UI elements (such as TextBlock).
  • FlexGrid Multi-Range Selection - FlexGrid for WPF supports different multi-range selection modes, allowing end-users to select multiple, non-adjacent cells, rows, and columns. New selection modes include ListBox, MultiRange, and MultiColumn.
  • GeoJSON Support in Maps for WPF - Add shapes on the WPF maps using GeoJson files. GeoJson features include points enabling you to add addresses and locations, line-strings that can be used to represent streets, boundaries, polygons that let you mark political borders of countries and provinces, and multi-part collections of these types.
  • Custom WPF Material Themes - Added the ability to easily customize the WPF material themes with different accent and background colors.
  • New WPF Gauges for .NET 6 - For .NET 6, GrapeCity have reimagined their WPF gauges library to focus on a simpler, cleaner design. The C1.WPF.Gauge library includes three components: C1RadialGauge, C1LinearGauge, and C1BulletGraph for generating horizontal, vertical, curved, and bullet graph gauges. The ranges and values can be displayed automatically.
  • MultiSelect - C1MultiSelect now supports selecting multiple items programmatically.
  • Other WPF Enhancements - German resources updated for runtime localization.
ComponentOne Studio WPF .NET 6 Gauges.

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