Highcharts for Python v1.2.0

使 API 與 Highcharts Core v11.1 保持一致,改進了對可訪問性、系列選項和工具提示的支援。
6月 9, 2023


  • Aligned the API with Highcharts Core v11.1. In particular, this includes:
    • Added 'AccessibilityPoint.description_format' property.
    • Added support for '.legend_symbol' to plot options and series options.
    • Added '.border_radius' support to FunnelOptions and FunnelSeries.
    • Added '.interpolation' support to HeatmapOptions and descendents.
    • Added '.point_description_format' support to SeriesOptions and descendents.
    • Added '.fill_space' support to TreegraphOptions and descendents.
    • Added '.crossing' support to axes.
    • Added '.format' support to Tooltip.
  • Added support for the inclusion of scripts based on the features used in the chart.
  • Added dict support to '.style' property on labels and titles.
  • Added 'TiledWebMapOptions/TiledWebMapSeries' support.
Highcharts for Python

Highcharts for Python

Python 生態系統的高端資料視覺化。


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