Highcharts for Python v1.3

8月 10, 2023


  • Modified the way that data points are serialized to JavaScript literal objects.
    • Now, they are serialized to a JavaScript array if their configured properties are those that Highcharts (JS) supports in JavaScript array notation.
    • Otherwise, the code falls back to serialize the data point as a JavaScript object literal.
    • This change is intended to improve performance and reduce the size of the serialized data.
  • Added __repr__() method for Highcharts Core for Python classes.
  • Added __str__() method with special handling for difficult-to-read classes.
  • Added Chart.get_script_tags() to retrieve Javascript <script> tags.
  • Added utility_functions.to_snake_case() function.
Highcharts for Python

Highcharts for Python

Python 生態系統的高端資料視覺化。


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