SQL Doctor V3.1 released

4月 29, 2014

SQL Doctor analyzes SQL Server databases and provides recommendations for improving performance. It targets some of the most common SQL Server performance problems including queries, server configuration, security, database objects, memory, wait statistics and query plans.

Updates in V3.1

  • SQL Toolbox framework is no longer required.
  • Enhanced support for SQL 2012.
  • Experimental Support for SQL Server 2014.

About Idera

Idera creates application and server management software for physical and virtual server platforms. They produce award-winning solutions for server backup, SQL Server administration, performance monitoring, recovery, security and compliance. More than 12,000 customers around the world, including many Fortune 1,000 enterprises and government agencies, rely on Idera products to keep their data backed up and protected and their servers optimized for performance.

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