AdminStudio Enterprise 2018

Released: Apr 26, 2018

2018 中的更新


  • Application Manager User Interface Redesign - In AdminStudio 2018, the Application Manager user interface has been redesigned and updated to provide a clean, modern look that makes it easy to navigate through application readiness tasks:
    • Redesigned Ribbon Interface
    • Updated Deployment Type, Status, and Subnode Icons
    • New Pie Chart Display on Group View of Analyze Tab
    • New Supportability Risks and Security Risks Test Category Groups
    • Simplified Compatibility Test Results
  • Consolidation of Functionality in Application Manager - In AdminStudio 2018, the focus has shifted to make Application Manager the central application in the entire AdminStudio toolkit. All application readiness tasks can be either performed using Application Manager or launched from it.
  • Legacy Add-On Packs Now Included with Professional and Enterprise Editions - Starting with AdminStudio 2018, AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions now include all of the features that were previously only available in the Virtualization, Application Compatibility, and Mac and Mobile add-on packs.
  • InstallShield 2018 - AdminStudio 2018 includes InstallShield 2018, which includes the following new features and enhancements:
    • Specify Uninstallation Order of Packages in a Suite Project.
    • Method to Run a Suite Installation with Minimum UI.
    • Conditionally Set the Visibility of a Feature at Run Time.
    • Perform Recursive or Non-Recursive IIS Registration.
    • Set Forms Authentication on Web Applications.
    • New Option to Control Whether to Load User Profile for an Application Pool Entity.
    • Add Kill Process and PowerShell Custom Actions to a Transform Project.
    • Save QuickPatch Projects in XML Format.
    • Localize Product Name Property in Suite Projects.
    • Include the Value of a Property in a Product Configuration’s Setup File Name.
    • New MSBuild Parameters to Set Summary Information Stream Comments and to Set Package File Name.
    • Specify Line Break and Tab Characters in Text File Changes.
    • Remove or Hide the Suite Loading Screen.
    • Setting to Always Create Debug Logs for Suite Installers.
    • New Out-of-the-Box Dialog to Set the IIS Certificate File for SSL Certificate at Runtime.
    • Specify Absolute or Relative Path When Creating New Child Elements in an XML File.
    • Setting the Default Keyboard Focus for Dialog Box Controls in Suite Projects.
    • PowerShell Script Editor in Basic MSI Projects.
    • New Option to Open Existing Transform File in InstallShield Transform Wizard.
    • Additional Prerequisites Included.