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Weslly Akatuka de Oliveira 巴西5 星

Fácil de integrar ao Projeto e resolveu um problema no qual não tínhamos prazo para desenvolver por conta.


richardUk5 星

I am the IT manager of a leading UK e-learning company, and decided to make the switch to Aspose.PDF for .NET based on the ease of use, as well as the exemplary documentation. I have used a number of PDF generators in the past, which were all poorly designed and/or documented. In our systems, have a number of reports to print, many of which are designed to meet government standards, and this helped us do that with ease; we generate and print a certificate in just 3 lines of code.

This product has more than paid for itself in time saved in development and testing; it stands head and shoulders above every other PDF generator.

NaomiIsrael5 星

As Department of Computing at Israel Lands Authority (government office), we have searched a long time for a product that converts Word documents to a PDF files. We tried many programs, but because it is necessary to support the Hebrew language, not all software could give us an answer to this. Besides, a Ministry of Government produces a lot of files for citizens and it is important that files be reliable, efficient and accurate.

We recently received a recommendation for the product Aspose.Words and we downloaded the free trial version. We have tried the product for different documents types and the result was excellent. PDF file preserved the original design and fonts appear in the source file, although the Hebrew language. We strongly encourage those who have a need to convert word documents to use Apose.Words.

vavadhanula - TX, USA5 星

The feature we were trying to add was one that allowed our users to include a visual signature to PDF files. One of the key requirements for this feature was that we cannot use any third party control/product that required us to post/forward (implicitly or explicitly) the PDF file to their hosted site. We needed a control/product that we can deploy fully on our servers with no outbound posts to their product’s site. Using Aspose.Pdf for .NET, here is how we solved our use case:

1. We converted the PDF to an image file using Aspose.
2. We then displayed this PDF image to the user for identifying the signature sections in the PDF. (We created a transparent DIV that the user could drag on top of this PDF image for this purpose)
3. Each signature section was uniquely ID’d.
4. We used one of the common jQuery plug-ins for capturing the user’s name/signature in different font styles. This plug-in also allowed the user to draw their signature.
5. When the appropriate reviewer was ready to sign the document, we use the Aspose.NET for PDF code to place the signature image on the PDF file.

Though we had to jump through a few hoops, Aspose.Pdf for .NET was able to help us meet our needs in a cost effective manner. As others have noted in their reviews, their price is a bit high, but compared to others in the market place, they are still on the affordable side.

tonyNew Zealand5 星

I love Aspose.Pdf!
I was using another pdf toolset but it was overly complex to do the most basic things and the files it generated was massive. My software reads pdf text values and then splits the pdf based on a text lookup. I then email the results. I was trying to email massive files but now I am using Aspose.Pdf I get nice small files that email faster and don't waste less bandwidth. Seriously I spent days searching for help on pdf optimisation and a few lines of codes as shown in the samples sorted my problem. One example pdf down from 4Mb to 90 Kb.

The documentation is a real stand out feature with Aspose.PDF. There are so many examples to show you how it works and they are all nicely commented making life super easy. I prefer to learn by example so I found these a life saver.

I have converted my application in an afternoon and now my code is so much more readable thanks to the clear and concise structure I really cannot recommend his product enough.

nickAustralia5 星

We are a small software development company in Melbourne, Australia. We provide software to the Australian & New Zealand Automotive, Marine, Motorcycle, Caravan/RV & Agricultural industries. As these industries are highly regulated with statutory reporting requirements, we are always chasing the required government forms. Most of the statutory forms are available in PDF form. With ASPOSE.PDF we are able to provide an instant update to any statutory document in a fillable PDF format to our customers. With ASPOSE.PDF our software can complete these documents from a standard data set in the exact format required by law, we can now provide a solution shipped to the dealership within hours. Previously we would have spent hours/days writing a new in-built report in the software, we would spend hours/days to create the format that would be similar to the original, we were rarely able to get them exactly the same. We would then have to deploy a new version/build of our software to each client that required a statutory document change. This process often would take months from start to finish. We needed a solution that could provide efficiency in deployment and cost efficiency in development, to provide our customers with an almost instant solution to a very important area of their business.

When we started to considered tools to solve our issues, we were looking for a tool that would provide a quick turnaround time in deployment, efficiencies & cost savings. We considered a variety of tools to perform this task, All of them were over complicated or overpriced for the needs that we had. When we discovered the ASPOSE.PDF tools we were impressed!!. The products and components offered are awesome; they’ve given us the exact solution we were looking for at a very reasonable price. The tool set provided by ASPOSE gives us the ability to develop fast, efficient and professional solutions, to make our customers happy. ASPOSE.PDF is a perfect match for all our requirements.

After we downloaded the evaluation version and examples (which are exceptional at demonstrating the power of the tools) I had a few questions about the code limitations. When I used the live chat option provided by the ASPOSE.COM website,
I had an exact answer to my question within minutes, which allowed me to report back to management and gain approval for the purchase of the tools within a day.
All in all the ASPOSE.PDF components suit our businesses needs perfectly, we will make ASPOSE our first point of reference when looking for our next 3rd party control. Thanks ASPOSE.

sbzUnited Kingdom5 星
Manipulating documents is never easy, especially when they have a feature-set as comprehensive and fully-featured as PDF files. We discovered Aspose.Pdf for .NET just in time to save us a tremendous amount of hard work and this component provided us with all the tools needed to manage, read, write and manipulate PDFs without needing recourse to Adobe Acrobat. We discovered a rich source of capabilities that includes facilities for handling tables, graphs, fonts, bookmarks, images and even security controls. Aspose.Pdf for .NET component is easy for .Net programmers to use and the C# Demos are particularly useful for those for whom productivity is key. Highly recommended.