Data Abstract for JavaScript 新版本發表

Released: Aug 11, 2021 中的更新


  • Bugfixes in the Binary Serializer related to Int64 and Decimal data types support.

Released: Jun 10, 2020 中的更新


  • New lightweight session update mode in Olympia Server.
  • Stability improvements for Olympia Server.
  • Zeroconf information now includes TLS status.
  • Service Builder now supports connecting to TLS and zeroconf servers.
  • New more granular ServiceUnknownMethodException.

Released: Mar 29, 2019

9.7.115 中的更新


  • Updates database profile for NexusDB.


  • 82263: DA LINQ cannot handle nullable fields in List.Contains expression.
  • 82267: PrimaryKey fields should always be treated as non-nullable ones.

Released: Oct 17, 2017

9.3 中的更新


  • 78384: Wizard/JS: DA/JS application created in VS 2017.3 cannot be started.

Released: Jul 4, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in 8

  • Relativity in the Cloud - Relativity Server now knows about the services provided by AWS that it needs to interact with, all without you writing manual code or setup scripts. Get an infinitely scalable middle tier up and running, with just a few clicks and without a single line of code.
  • Strongly Typed DataTables in Cocoa - With just a couple clicks in Schema Modeler for Mac or in the Visual Studio IDE, you have protocol/interface stubs for your tables in the language of your choice...