DevExpress VCL Subscription 21.1.4

Released: Aug 12, 2021

21.1.4 中的更新


All VCL products

  • The "Ambiguity between the two TcxCanvasFrameRect methods" compiler error occurs if Embarcadero C++Builder code includes a TcxCanvasFrameRect method call with the default parameters.


  • A data-aware View incorrectly moves focus if the View shares its data source with a non-visual component.

ExpressEditors Library

  • TcxTextEdit and its descendants - The Del keystroke does not raise the OnEditing event.
  • TdxOpenFileDialog - Sorting by date does not work in the "This PC\Pictures" folder.
  • TdxSaveFileDialog and TdxOpenFileDialog - A file in an open folder becomes selected if the folder is opened with a double click and the mouse pointer is over the file.
  • The TdxTaskbarProgress control does not display progress on a task bar if the progress state changes before the main application form is created.

ExpressGantt Control

  • The "Stack overflow" exception is thrown at design time when an IDE displays a form with the Gantt control.

ExpressLayout Control

  • An auxiliary item that is located outside the visible scrollable area remains hidden after it was focused.


  • "The document format is not recognized as valid PDF" exception occurs when an object whose offset is incorrectly defined in a loaded PDF document's cross-reference table is read.
  • "The document format is not recognized as valid PDF" exception occurs when loading a PDF document that contains an incorrect offset of a cross-reference table.
  • An AV occurs when writing a CID Type 2 font descriptor during a document save operation.
  • Text is displayed incorrectly if the text-showing operator moves a text string to the next line and applies word spacing and/or character spacing to the string.
  • The "Invalid class typecast" exception occurs on reading width values of Type 0 font glyphs, which are specified as a reference.
  • The "Invalid pointer operation" exception occurs in certain cases when semi-transparent images are rendered.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Grid Report Link - Master-Detail - The "Stack overflow" exception occurs on creating a report for Views whose OptionsBehavior.RecordScrollMode property is set to rsmByPixel if the report link's OptionsExpanding.ExpandMasterRows property is set to True.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Master-Detail - "RowIndex out of range" exception occurs when closing a form with the TcxGrid control that has a focused record if the OptionsSelection.MultiSelect and OptionsSelection.UnselectFocusedRecordOnExit properties are set to True.
  • The View's Controller.GoTo~ methods incorrectly navigate records after switching off the grid mode.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • The "Start" and "Finish" editors are swapped in the "Set Date Range" dialog.

ExpressSkins Library

  • The E2184 enum syntax compiler error occurs if the "WINAPI.GDIPAPI.hpp" include directive precedes "dxGDIPlusAPI.hpp" in C++Builder code.


  • The control incorrectly saves a spreadsheet document to a file/stream after pasting formatted cells that are copied from Microsoft Excel using the clipboard.
  • The TdxSpreadSheetCell.SetAsRTF function returns False if an accepted RTF string has a single set of font attributes applied to all characters.