DevExpress WinForms 21.2.6

Released: Mar 2, 2022

21.2.6 中的更新


All WinForms products

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - The Satellite Assemblies localization approach does not work.
  • Microsoft .NET 5 Designer - SpinEdit loses its buttons when copying & pasting.
  • A page summary in a group footer is incorrectly calculated if CachedReportSource is used.
  • Accessibility object for TextBoxMaskBox is created for TextEdit-based editors in Advanced Mode.
  • Add New Report Parameter window - The StaticListLookUpSettings collection cannot be sorted in the UI after upgrade from v19.2.
  • Adding new elements to Skin.SvgPallettes collections affects existing skin colors.
  • Certain skin patch elements are not colored according to a selected palette.
  • Custom drawing with the GraphicsCache.Paint object doesn't correctly update shapes on DiagramControl's canvas if DirectX rendering is used.
  • Displaying a message box in the EditingFieldChanged event handler causes selection of bricks.
  • DocumentViewer - Dotted XRLine is incorrectly rendered when UseDirectXPaint is enabled.
  • EFDataSource - The overridden DBContext.OnConfiguring method is not called.
  • End User Report Designer - Property Grid - The caret may change its position on entering a value into the editor.
  • ExcelDataSource - Adding columns with the same name is case-sensitive.
  • Export to PDF - The produced document cannot be opened in Adobe Reader (the Nan issue).
  • Incorrect icons for the values of the Shape property of the XRShape control.
  • It is not possible to set an Expression for the value of a Date Range Parameter.
  • Query Builder - Title bar buttons are missing and dialog buttons do not grow in size.
  • Report Designer - "Hiding the AddNewDataSource" ReportCommand does not hide the popup menu option in the Field List.
  • Report Designer - The Toolbox panel is always added to the owner Form and not to the immediate parent.
  • Report Designer crashes when you select XRControl into DetailReportBand and collapse this DetailReportBand.
  • Skin Editor: New Skin dialog cannot be resized while the New Skin Patch tab is open.
  • Skin Palette Gallery displays incorrect palettes when the WindowsFormsSettings.DefaultLookAndFeel.StyleChanged event is handled and the "default Windows mode" style is changed.
  • Skin patches cannot be applied using SplashScreenManager.
  • SqlDataSource - Joining two tables results in an error (the Google BigQuery provider issue).
  • The DetailReportBand section is not printed if Hierarchical Print Options are used and PageFooter is added to a layout.
  • There is no toolbox when a descendant of XRDesignPanel is used.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Connecting to a PostgreSQL database results in the System.Threading.Tasks.Sources.IValueTaskSource type error.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer (Microsoft .NET Core) - NullReference exception occurs when binding to a DataSet class results.
  • XRCrossTab - A column is split in half by the right margin.

Coded UI Test Extension

  • Ribbon - ToggleSwitch and BarToggleSwitchItem don't offer a way to determine their state via Appium.

Data Access Library

  • SqlDataSource - The enhanced "Manage Queries" dialog does not work properly.
  • The "Invalid column" error occurs in the Query Builder Expression Editor when the table in [ ] is used.

MVVM Framework

  • Existing documents created using WindowedDocumentManagerService are not resized properly if the IDocument.Show method is used.
  • MVVM Framework - The IOpenFileDialogService.Reset method doesn't reset options of the existing dialog service.
  • Template Gallery: View & View Model template generates invalid designer code.

PDF Viewer

  • DirectX Printing - Stackoverflow exception is thrown when printing a document that has a large number of objects with a complex blend mode.
  • Parsing - Documents containing an invalid signature lock dictionary cannot be opened.
  • Printing - An exception is thrown during printing when the DirectX engine is used and the PdfPrinterSettings.PrintInGrayscale option is enabled.
  • Printing - Certain thin lines are incorrectly detected as hairlines.
  • Rendering - An exception is raised when the form field appearance is rebuilt if a highlighted form field has default appearance resources.
  • Rendering - An optional content group is always visible regardless of its default visibility.
  • Rendering - Empty text annotation's appearance defined as an empty form is rebuilt on rendering.
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown when showing the CommentReview popup menu if this menu has a custom item without an icon assigned.
  • The PDF Document API library and PdfViewer don't preserve the "Unencrypted wrapper document" PDF 2.0 feature when resaving a PDF document.
  • Thumbnail selection isn't reset in the Thumbnails Panel after a new PDF document is loaded in PdfViewer.
  • Usability - There is no public API to access printer settings selected in the Print dialog.
  • XMP Metadata - Escape characters are duplicated after document serialization.

Project Templates

  • Template Gallery: View & View Model template generates invalid designer code.

XtraBars Suite

  • A minimized Ribbon Control is shown on a shifted secondary display.
  • Accordion Control - AccordionControlElement's text overlaps a Context Button.
  • AccordionControl's footer height is not set according to the AccordionControl.OptionsMinimizing.FooterHeight property.
  • BarButtonItem - Add a capability to set an item link as the last command in code.
  • BarItem - Make the display text of shortcuts localizable.
  • BarManager - The Customization dialog does not scale the icons of BarItems.
  • BarManager's BarDockControl cannot be brought to the front.
  • CustomHeaderButtons' tooltips flicker if the KeepWhileHovered option is enabled at the DefaultToolTipController level.
  • FluentDesignForm - The caption of a BarButtonItem disappears after hovering over the item when it is located in the form header area.
  • Maximized RibbonForm - Shadow overlaps the second screen on a multi-monitor system.
  • Merged RibbonControl enters Navigation Mode when a shortcut containing the trigger key is used.
  • PictureEdit cannot load an image using the context menu when it is located in a bar.
  • Ribbon Control - It's not possible to drag&drop BarItems onto BarSubItems in Design Mode.
  • RibbonGalleryBarItem - Gallery items do not fit into the gallery after the upgrade to v21.2.5.
  • ToolbarForm allows moving BarItems using the ALT key when the AllowCustomization option is disabled.
  • ToolbarForm doesn't allow dragging items when the Alt button is pressed.
  • ToolboxControl - It is impossible to customize the appearance of the BeginGroupCaption text.
  • WidgetView - The Designer does not allow applying changes to the Column/Row Length property in Stacked Layout mode.
  • А white flash occurs when showing RibbonMiniToolbar in a dark skin.

XtraCharts Suite

  • StackOverflowException occurs when clearing the data members of a Series inside the BeginInit/EndInit statement.
  • Chart for WinForms does not display task links or partially displays them when the control has a certain size.


  • A diagram with SVG shapes exported to an SVG document loses gradient colors.
  • An InvalidOperationException occurs after re-selecting the Text Tool when a shape is already in edit mode.
  • Measure units aren't used for editing if PropertyGrid's active view type is set to "Office".

XtraEditors Library

  • Accessibility - The value provider pattern isn't available for DateEdit.
  • An empty newly created Microsoft .NET 6 project has the <supportedRuntime> element in the app.config file.
  • An extra dialog is shown when an existing file is assigned to XtraSaveFileDialog.FileName.
  • DefaultLookAndFeel - Bonus skins are not included in the drop-down list when .NET Core is used.
  • DX Skin colors cannot be set at design time in .NET 6 applications.
  • FlyoutPanel does not appear a second time with AnimationType Fade.
  • GridLookupEdit does not allow entering new values if UseAdvancedTextEdit is enabled.
  • HtmlContentControl - Visual Studio hangs when the cursor hovers over the "Edit Template" action at design time.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in GridControl if an unbound column is added when GridControlExtension is used.
  • PictureEdit cannot load an image using the context menu when it is located in a bar.
  • RadioGroup - Item layout is broken when items are arranged in multiple columns and the ItemVertAlignment property is set to Top.
  • Ribbon - ToggleSwitch and BarToggleSwitchItem don't offer a way to determine their state via Appium.
  • SVG Image - OutOfMemoryException is thrown when an image is resized.
  • SVG rendering - Scaling is not taken into account when a clip-path is calculated.
  • SvgRectangle.Create outputs the redundant rx="0" ry="0" properties.
  • The TextEdit.CustomHighlightText event cannot be used to apply vertical padding in single-line editors.
  • TokenEdit in GridControl - MaxTokenCount does not work.
  • TokenEdit in GridControl - The MaxExpandLines property is not taken into account when AutoHeightMode is set to RestrictedExpand.
  • UnauthorizedAccessException is thrown when selecting a folder.
  • XtraMessageBox border isn't displayed when WindowsFormsSettings.OptimizeRemoteConnectionPerformance and WindowsFormsSettings.FormThickBorder are enabled.
  • XtraMessageBox displays an empty string if its text is longer than 32000 symbols.
  • XtraMessageBox ignores the button alignment when the dialog title is larger than its text.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog opens extremely slow after upgrading to v21.2.
  • XtraSaveFileDialog shows an overwrite message when clicking a file's context menu items.


  • It is not possible to format the values of Interaction Tooltips.
  • Print preview output is incorrect when OptionsView.ShowHorzLines is set to True.
  • The "InvalidOperationException" error occurs on printing when NewItemRowPosition is set to Bottom.

XtraGrid Suite

  • A custom Data Grid template does not generate required classes when the VB.NET language is used.
  • Column captions in Grid ColumnChooser are cut off when the HeaderPanel's font is changed.
  • CSS selector ":root:select" is not applied until the focused row changes for the first time.
  • Fixed columns are drawn incorrectly when a group column is fixed.
  • LevelIndent is not scaled correctly with different DPI settings.
  • NullReferenceException occurs when the PrintableComponentLink.CreateDocument method is called.
  • GridControl Accessibility issue - It is not possible to specify AccessibleRole of a column.
  • GridControl ignores the cursor CSS tag.
  • GridView header's accessibility information is updated too frequently when the GridView.Columns.AddRange method is used.
  • GridView: the offset created by FormatConditionRuleIconSet is not changed after the condition is no longer met.
  • Horizontal lines in group ident are incorrectly drawn.
  • HTML Template Editor: Splitter is not set correctly after returning to the normal window size from a maximized window.
  • ItemsView - The KeyNotFoundException exception is thrown when a new record is added to an underlying data source if the scroll bar is visible.
  • LayoutView - Field visibility is not restored when a layout is restored from the registry.
  • LayoutView is scrolled and shows a single item when the last record in the data source is removed.
  • Master-Detail - The first row added with the new item row in an empty detail view is incorrectly shown.
  • Master-Detail GridView - The down arrow does not focus a row from a higher level detail view.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in GridControl if an unbound column is added when GridControlExtension is used.
  • RepositoryItemRichTextEdit's document elements are not disposed of when GridControl's data source is cleared in v21.2.
  • The Retrieve Details button in GridControl crashes the .NET/.NET Core form designer.
  • TileView excessively uses GDI objects when the AnimateArrival option is enabled.
  • WinExplorerView - The CustomDrawItem event makes the text of all records bold.
  • WinExplorerView - A view is not refreshed when its data source changes.
  • WinExplorerView does not store the scroll position when the current skin is changed.
  • WinExplorerView fires the SelectionChanged event when its content is scrolled.

XtraLayout Suite

  • .NET Core 5 Design-Time: It's not possible to drop a control from the toolbox onto LayoutControl.
  • LayoutControl.LayoutUpdate is not always fired after changing item visibility.
  • WorkspaceManager - It is not possible to determine which component the property belongs to when processing child properties in the PropertyDeserializing event handler.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Row summaries are unreadable/not shown in the Print Preview.
  • Usability - UnboundExpressionEditorCreated event does not allow replacing the default ExpressionEditor like in Grid Control.


  • An OpenXml document containing a shape with an invalid "o:spt" parameter value cannot be loaded.
  • Charts - Microsoft Office 365 Word cannot edit the BarStacked chart's data after a .DOCX document with this chart is re-saved by RichEditControl.
  • Editing - Hanging indentations are incorrectly applied to text pasted from an external document.
  • Editing - NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to create a bulleted list after loading a specific document.
  • Export to DOCX - An exception occurs on an attempt to save a specific document to DOCX.
  • Export to DOCX - The layout is messed up after saving a specific document to DOCX and reloading it.
  • Export to HTML - InvalidOperationException occurs on an attempt to get the HtmlText property value.
  • Export to Rtf - A table from a specific .Rtf document looks incorrect in Microsoft Office Word if the document was saved by the DevExpress Rich Text Editor.
  • Frames - Specific frames are positioned incorrectly after loading a specific document.
  • Import from DOCX - Paragraphs have incorrect spacing after loading a specific document.
  • Import from HTML - ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to load an HTML document containing images with small heights.
  • Rendering - The layout of the inserted HTML table is messed up.
  • RepositoryItemRichTextEdit's document elements are not disposed of when GridControl's data source is cleared in v21.2.
  • Shapes - Gradients applied to shapes are inverted.


  • A SpreadsheetML file with the specific record of the style color cannot be imported.
  • Cell values in hidden rows are overwritten after pasting the content using the Enter key.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown on an attempt to refresh a pivot table if a source table was removed and a new table with the same name and different column layout is created.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to load a specific XML document.
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown on an attempt to refresh the pivot cache if the pivot table has multiple row fields.
  • Replacing empty values works differently than in Microsoft Excel.
  • Spreadsheet Control - A long Chinese text is incorrectly rendered in a document cell if the Wrap Text command is applied to the cell.
  • Spreadsheet crashes when inserting a picture using a non-image file.
  • The 'Reference is not valid' exception is thrown on an attempt to refresh a pivot table if a source table was removed and a new table with the same name and column layout is created.
  • The ColumnsRemoved event does not fire in specific cases.
  • The outline level is not automatically updated after loading a specific document.
  • The SetValueFromText allows inserting a string longer than 32767 characters.
  • The Spreadsheet Document API/SpreadsheetControl does not preserve the "updateLinks" workbook property on saving an XLSX document.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Empty TreeList nodes' DefaultAction accessibility property is set to "Expand".

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • DXCollectionEditor allows adding and removing items of ReadOnlyCollection.
  • Measure units aren't used for editing if PropertyGrid's active view type is set to "Office".
  • ProeprtyGridControl - The ShowFocusedFrame property does not work with the Office view type.
  • PropertyGrid doesn't close an active editor when adding a property to a bound object.
  • PropertyGridControl - A custom UITypeEditor's value is not saved when the SelectedObject property is changed in the MouseDown event handler.
  • PropertyGridControl - ArgumentException is thrown in the designer when PGPanel is located in TabbedControlGroup.
  • PropertyGridControl creates a new control each time a user activates a cell that uses another repository item.
  • PropertyGridControl's CellValueChanging uses a string representation of a value instead of a real object.
  • VGridControl incorrectly processes the Tab key on the active editor when the OptionsBehavior.UseTabKey property is set to false.