DevExpress WinForms 22.1.3

Released: Jun 20, 2022

22.1.3 中的更新


New WXI Skin - The new WXI skin (theme) is based on Microsoft Windows 11. The WXI skin ships with five color palettes: 'Freshness' (default), 'Darkness', 'Clearness', 'Sharpness', and 'Calmness'.


  • New Mask API for Text Editors - Create Advanced Masks - With this new API, you can create reusable masks with custom input logic.

New DirectX Form

  • The new DirectX Form supports native DirectX rendering and HTML and CSS markup. The DirectX Form automatically activates DirectX Mode for all DevExpress UI controls that support DirectX rendering. With this new capability, you no longer need to activate DirectX rendering for each individual control.

HTML CSS Templates

  • ListBox, ComboxBox, Alert - HTML and CSS Markup Support - v22.1 introduces HTML and CSS markup support for the WinForms ListBox, ComboBox, and Alert controls. Use the HtmlTemplates property to define a collection of HTML-CSS templates that can be applied to items.
  • HTML Content Control - Input Tag for Repository Items - You can now wrap repository items inside the 'input' tag. The Template Designer now includes the 'In-place Editor Repository' tab. Open this tab to create repository items to reference in your HTML template.
  • HTML Template Designer Enhancements - The HTML Template Designer now ships with the following options:
    • Region Folding.
    • Indent Guides.
    • Line Numbers.
  • TileView - Item AutoHeight - Added a new TileViewOptionsHtmlTemplate.ItemAutoHeight option to support auto-height mode for tiles rendered by the HTML and CSS-based templates. In auto-height mode, tiles are stretched vertically to fully display content.
  • New CSS Properties - Support for the following CSS properties:
    • overflow-wrap
    • white-space
    • background-image
    • background-position
    • background-size
    • background-repeat

Data Grid

  • New Filters - InRange and InDateRange - Added two new range filters to the WinForms Data Grid, Tree List, Pivot Grid, Vertical Grid, and Filter Control.
  • Data Filtering - Format Operand Values in Custom Functions - Added a new 'ICustomFunctionDisplayAttributesEx' interface. Use its 'GetOperandDisplayValue' method to format the operand's value or provide a custom display text for it.
  • Filter Control - New Events and Behavior - New events include:
    • CustomValueEditor - Allows you to assign a custom editor to display and edit an operand.
    • CustomValueEditorForEditing - Allows you to specify an editor used to edit an operand.
    • ValueEditorShown - Fires after the editor used to edit a value operand is invoked and allows you to customize editor settings.


  • Chart Designer - Microsoft .NET 5 and .NET 6 Support - The Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Chart Designer is now fully compatible with .NET 5 and .NET 6.


  • Quick Access - The WinForms Dialogs now displays Quick Access, where you see a list of the folders you browse most frequently.
  • Environment Variables - You can now type environment variables into the Address bar and it is expanded into its full path.
  • Multiple Folder Selection - The Folder Browser Dialog now allows a user to select multiple folders. Set its Multiselect property to 'true' to enable this option.


  • Cell Selection - You can now select heatmap cells. The Heatmap control supports single and multiple cell selection. Use the SelectionMode property to specify selection mode. Also added a SelectedItemsChanging and SelectedItemsChanged events. Handle these events to respond to selection changes.

Map Control

  • Search Panel Customization - You can now specify search panel width/height in relative units. This enhancement maintains a consistent look-and-feel on displays with different DPI scaling.
  • Support for PerMonitorV2 Scaling - Addressed issues related to mixed-mode DPI scaling. Changed measurement units that specify the size of map elements. The following properties are now measured in DIPs (device-independent pixels). This improvement allows map elements to maintain their physical size on displays with different DPI scaling.
    • NavigationPanelOptions.Height.
    • MapOverlay.Size.
    • MapOverlay.Padding.
    • MapOverlay.Margin.
    • StrokeWidth for MapLine, MapPolyline, MapSpline, MapShape.
  • The size of the following map elements is now measured in DIPs:
    • Minimap.
    • Legend Markers and Text.

PDF Viewer

  • Document Navigation Enhancements - The new GoToBookmark and GoToDestination methods allow you to navigate to a specified bookmark or named destination.

Pivot Grid

  • Unified Field Binding API in Server Mode and OLAP Mode
    • v22.1 updates Data Binding API support in both Server and OLAP Modes.
    • In OLAP mode, you can now set the DataBinding property to a DataSourceColumnBinding object (to bind a field to data). To specify an OLAP expression, set the 'DataBinding' property to an OlapExpressionBinding object.
    • In Server Mode, use DataSourceColumnBinding and ExpressionDataBinding objects respectively.
    • This update also includes support for the following criteria operators:
      • IsTotal - Determines whether a total summary value is being calculated.
      • FirstValue - Returns the first row of records used to calculate an aggregate value.

Rich Text Editor

  • Watermarks - Added the ability for users to incorporate watermark within documents. Added two new commands to the Ribbon command bar for this purpose.


  • Shrink to Fit - The WinForms Spreadsheet control now supports the 'Shrink to Fit' alignment option. When enabled, this option automatically reduces text size to fit a cell.
  • Enhanced Dialog Forms - Redesigned all dialogs used within the Spreadsheet control. Spreadsheet dialogs now use the WinForms Layout Control. This enhancement enhances High DPI rendering quality and maintain form scaling in apps with custom localization and fonts.

High-DPI Support

  • Support for PerMonitorV2 Scaling - Improved the following WinForms controls to maintain mixed-mode DPI scaling:
    • BI Dashboard.
    • Map Control.
    • PDF Viewer.
    • Rich Text Editor.
    • Spreadsheet.
    • Sunburst.
    • TreeMap.
    • Reporting - Document Viewer.

UI Automation

  • Enable a new static WindowsFormsSettings.UseUIAutomation option to use Microsoft UI Automation that provides programmatic access to most user interface (UI) elements on the desktop and allows automated test scripts to interact with the UI.
  • Also supported UI Automation patterns like grid, dock, scroll, selection, table, expand/collapse and many others in the Data Grid, TreeList, Data Editors, Ribbon, Bars, Layout Control, Accordion, and Dock Windows.


  • Customize Accessibility info for all DevExpress Controls - Introduced a new static 'DXAccessible.QueryAccessibleInfo' event that serves as a single entry point to customize accessibility info for all DevExpress controls in your WinForms application. If you use controls from multiple assemblies in your app (e.g. Data Grid, Editors, Charts, PivotGrid), the QueryAccessibleInfo event will be fired for each control.
  • Common Enhancements
    • Added the 'AccessibleName', 'AccessibleRole', 'AccessibleDescription' properties to the following classes:
    • Bar (and BaseRibbonComponent).
    • NavBarGroup.
    • NavBarItem.
    • RecentItemBase.
    • BackstageViewItemBase.
    • TileItem.
    • RowProperties.
    • BaseDocument.
  • Also introduced the 'AccessibleRole' property for the following components:
    • AccordionControlElementBase.
    • BarItem.
    • GalleryItem.
    • GridBand.
    • GridColumn.
    • PivotGridField.
    • TreeListBand.
    • TreeListColumn.
  • Reviewed the Data Grid, TreeList, Data Editors, Ribbon, Bars, Accordion, Layout Control, and Dock Windows for possible accessibility issues. These UI controls now have the right UI Automation properties and generate the expected events.
  • Disable Accessibility for All DevExpress Controls
    • A new static WindowsFormsSettings.DisableAccessibility property allows you to disable 'DevExpress' accessibility for all DevExpress controls in your WinForms application.
    • Also added a new static SuppressExcessiveAccessibilityNotifications option. This option allows you to enable/disable accessibility events on mouse hover when Windows Narrator's 'Read and interact with the screen using the mouse' setting is turned off. This behavior is supported by the WinForms Data Grid, Vertical Grid, and TreeList controls.

Code Diagnostics (CTP)

  • You can now detect C# code errors as you type. You can check errors (if any) in the code editor and in the Error List window.
  • Install the 'DevExpress.Win.CodeAnalysis' package to enable Code Diagnostics. The analyzer requires Visual Studio 2019 or a newer version, and supports both .NET Framework and .NET 5+.