Oxygen XML Author Professional V26.0 Build ID: 2024012406

Released: Jan 29, 2024

V26.0 Build ID: 2024012406 中的更新


  • Oxygen JSON Editor/Open/Find Resource: Fixed a NoClassDefFoundError that occurred when indexing PDF files linked to the project.
  • JSON/Validation: A "No JSON schema associated" message is now displayed in the "Schema" column of the table in the editing validation scenarios dialog box when no JSON schema is selected for the JSON Schema Validator engine.
  • DITA-OT/Zendesk: Fixed an issue where the DITA to Zendesk transformation did not work when publishing from an Oxygen installation using Enterprise Floating licenses.
  • Saxon: Fixed an internal Saxon error that happened in particular situations when validating against RelaxNG schemas that contain Schematron rules.
  • HTML/Image maps: The HTML image map area encoding has been fixed to support UTF-8 characters.
  • Chemistry/SVG/PDF: Fixed an issue where the <tspan> content (SVG) wasn't positioned correctly when using fonts with Latin ligature support.