Oxygen XML Author Professional 新版本發表

Released: Aug 24, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021082307 中的更新


  • Components/Security: Updated the Apache Commons Compress library to version 1.21.
  • Publishing Engine/Libraries: Updated the ICU4J third-party library to version 69.1.


  • Author/Right-To-Left Text: Fixed an error that happened sometimes when XML documents containing right-to-left text were edited in the Author editing mode.
  • HTML/Outline: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened in an HTML document when trying to edit attributes from the contextual menu of the Outline view.
  • Oxygen PDF...

Released: Jun 17, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021061407 中的更新


  • Windows/OpenJDK/HiDPI/Text mode: The default font size for Text mode with OpenJDK and HiDPI (scaling) support has been increased to 13. The previous font size (12) caused rendering issues with special characters and scaling.
  • Find/Replace in Files: Resolved issues that were sometimes encountered when using XML-aware filters along with XPath filters, not all matches were found.
  • Author/Schema Aware Editing: Fixed an issue where undo and redo operations could generate incorrect changes in an...

Released: Apr 13, 2021

V23.1 Build ID: 2021040908 中的更新


  • Open URL dialog: Fixed various behavior issues that happened when the server type was changed while the Autoconnect option was enabled (after the user already browsed a remote location).
  • Security: Fixed a vulnerability issue (Remote Code Execution in Apache Velocity).
  • Framework Extension Script: Fixed an issue where ${framework} variables were incorrectly replaced with ${framework(BASE)} in imported scenarios configurations.
  • Windows/Linux/HiDPI/Text mode: Fixed an issue where the default...

Released: Mar 4, 2021

V23.1 中的更新


DITA Authoring

  • Generate Unique IDs for Specified Elements - A new refactoring action (Generate IDs) has been added for DITA users. It generates unique IDs for elements that are defined in the action's configuration dialog box.

DITA Publishing

  • Publish RNG-based Topics Faster - The publishing speed for RNG-based DITA topics has increased considerably. The output is now generated faster, which decreases the time it takes to publish your content.
  • Display SVG Syntax Diagrams in PDF Output - The...

Released: Dec 21, 2020

V23.0 Build ID: 2020121712 中的更新


  • Preferences: Fixed an issue where setting a preferences page at project level would erroneously do the same thing for some child pages when reloading the project.
  • Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies: Fixed an issue where working sets defined in a previous session were no longer loaded when Oxygen was started.
  • XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where wrong content completion proposals were presented inside text value templates.
  • XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where invalid proposals...

Released: Nov 19, 2020

V23.0 中的更新


DITA Authoring

  • Floating Toolbar Provides Quicker Access to Common DITA Editing Actions - When editing DITA documents, you can now quickly invoke context-specific common actions. They are available in a floating toolbar that pops up when you select content.
  • Edit Submaps Directly in the DITA Maps Manager View - You can now edit submaps (i.e. add topics, change properties, or move topic references) directly in a main map opened in the DITA Maps Manager view.
  • Edit Referenced Content When Opening...

Released: Oct 7, 2020

V22.1 Build ID: 2020100710 中的更新


  • Validation: Fixed an issue where the validation status message sometimes kept blinking in the status bar of the application.
  • XQuery Documentation: Fixed an issue where generation of the XQuery documentation did not work anymore.
  • DITA-OT Publishing: Running Oxygen with Java 14, when a DITA OT transformation started and the transformation parameter "fix.external.refs.com.oxygenxml" was enabled, the transformation failed with a HeadlessException error.
  • DITA Maps Manager: Fixed a performance...

Released: Aug 3, 2020

V22.1 Build ID: 2020072902 中的更新


  • Open/Find Resource: Fixed an issue where Oxygen's text search support didn't index all the files from the current project.
  • XSL/Validation: Fixed an issue where XSL validation did not display compilation problems and was always successful when a Saxon-EE configuration file was used.
  • XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where the content completion for accumulators broke the XPath content completion inside XSLT files and automatically inserted the only available accumulator each time the...

Released: Jun 11, 2020

V22.1 Build ID: 2020061102 中的更新


  • Syntax Highlight/XQuery: Improved the recognition of functions referenced inside an XQuery map.


  • Content Completion/XML: Fixed an issue where the content completion was not working as expected when triggered at the end of the name of an attribute.
  • Transformation Scenarios/WebHelp Responsive: Corrected the default value of the "args.copy.css" parameter presented in the dialog box for the DITA Map WebHelp Responsive transformation.
  • Author mode/LESS: Fixed an issue where the styles defined...

Released: May 19, 2020

V22.1 中的更新


DITA Authoring

  • Improved Navigation on Links and Topic References - DITA projects usually consist of lots of topics and maps with numerous references between them. To allow you to easily navigate to the target of a reference, when you press Ctrl or Command (on OS X) the links and topic references become hyperlinks in Author mode, so you can click on them to reach the target location, thus making navigation very easy.
  • Automate Keys Definitions on Inserting Topic References - If you use DITA...