Oxygen XML Author Professional 新版本發表

Released: Apr 24, 2024

V26.1 Build ID: 2024042206 中的更新


  • OpenJDK JRE: Updated the bundled OpenJDK JRE to version 17.0.11.
  • Content Completion XPath XProc: Improved XProc 3.0's content completion with XPath 3.0 functions.
  • DITA XML / Spell Check: When using the automatic or manual spell checker in a DITA XML topic that is open in the Author visual editing mode, the content of consecutive <uicontrol> elements placed inside a <menucascade> element is now checked individually.
  • DITA to PDF / PDF Change Bars: Improved the position of the change...

Released: Mar 25, 2024

V26.1 中的更新


DITA Authoring

  • Insert Content/Key References from Content Completion Assistant - When editing DITA topics, you now have access to several actions listed as proposals in the content completion window that make it easier to insert content references and key references. The conref action opens a pop-up window that allows you to choose reusable content from a list of all the reusable components (elements with IDs in topics that are referenced as resource-only in the context DITA map). The keyref...

Released: Jan 29, 2024

V26.0 Build ID: 2024012406 中的更新


  • Oxygen JSON Editor/Open/Find Resource: Fixed a NoClassDefFoundError that occurred when indexing PDF files linked to the project.
  • JSON/Validation: A "No JSON schema associated" message is now displayed in the "Schema" column of the table in the editing validation scenarios dialog box when no JSON schema is selected for the JSON Schema Validator engine.
  • DITA-OT/Zendesk: Fixed an issue where the DITA to Zendesk transformation did not work when publishing from an Oxygen installation using...

Released: Nov 15, 2023

V26.0 Build ID: 2023111306 中的更新


  • Component Update: Updated the JSON-Java (org.json) package to version 20231013.
  • API/Compare Files: A new parameter has been added to the 'DiffAndMergeTools.openMergeApplication' method to specify whether the proposed changes should be applied initially.


  • Author: Fixed an issue where an explicitly set attribute value was lost when the attribute was renamed and it also had a default value specified in the schema.
  • Security/Schematron: Fixed an issue regarding the validation of Schematron...

Released: Oct 11, 2023

V26.0 中的更新


Oxygen AI Positron Assistant

  • Unlock the Potential of AI with the Oxygen AI Positron Assistant add-on - Oxygen now offers the Oxygen AI Positron Assistant add-on, a powerful tool designed to enhance the productivity of writers by providing support for using AI-generated content with the Oxygen AI Positron service. Once the AI Positron Assistant add-on is installed, you gain access to two side views: the AI Positron Assistant and the AI Positron Chat. The AI Positron Assistant side-view offers...

Released: Jul 4, 2023

V25.1 Build ID: 2023070306 中的更新


  • Author: Added a new parameter named escapeEntityRefs to the TransformOperation Author operation to control if entity references are escaped as plain text in the processed content.
  • DITA to PDF based on HTML5 & CSS: Removed the Index from the Table of Content when transforming DITA bookmaps that contain empty <indexlist> elements.
  • Schematron API Extensions: The DITAXSLTExtensionFunctionUtil API method, which can be used from a Schematron to find out information about a keyref, can now...

Released: Apr 26, 2023

V25.1 Build ID: 2023042509 中的更新


  • DITA Publishing: When publishing DITA XML content from Oxygen using the "fix.external.refs.com.oxygenxml" parameter, the created output folder structure now follows the input DITA Map's folder structure more closely.
  • DITA Publishing: DITA References are now grouped together with Concepts, Topics and Tasks in the Related Information section, when the args.rellinks.group.mode parameter is set to single-group.


  • API: Fixed an issue where the method that creates a process named...

Released: Mar 16, 2023

V25.1 中的更新


DITA Authoring

  • Support for Branch Filtering in Validate and Check for Completeness Operations - The Validate and Check for Completeness action that is used to validate DITA maps has been enhanced with initial support to process branch filtering (<ditavalref> elements) during the operation.
  • DITA Maps Manager's Context Drop-down Menu Reorganized - The Context map drop-down menu in the DITA Maps Manager has been reorganized to improve the grouping of the contexts from DITA-OT projects that...

Released: Feb 1, 2023

V25.0 Build ID: 2023013006 中的更新


  • Framework Extension Script: Fixed an issue where external Author actions from the base framework were not imported in the extension.
  • XML/Validation: Fixed an issue where erroneous errors were reported that IDs were not unique when XML files contained ID attributes or element content.
  • DITA/Editing: Fixed an issue where the icons and drop-down menu of the "note" element were presented for the "hazardstatement" element.
  • DITA/Editing: Fixed an issue where notes previewed in the Reuse Content...

Released: Dec 13, 2022

V25.0 Build ID: 2022121306 中的更新


  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/Security/Component Update: Updated the Jackson Databind (jackson-databind) library to version


  • Author: Fixed a serialization issue where whitespaces disappeared from the saved XML content when comments were added over content that ends with whitespaces.
  • Author/DITA: Fixed an issue where Markdown documents were not converted to DITA when references to these types of files were inserted in DITA content.
  • DITA/Smart Paste: Fixed an issue where the...