SQL Monitor 新版本發表

Released: May 27, 2020

v10.1.x 中的更新


Updated Jul 1, 2020


  • Reduced the impact of high-latency base monitors on the overall latency of the website when using multiple base monitors.


  • SRP-13190 Fixed issue indicating SQL Server licenses required from exempt editions.
  • SRP-13207 An issue where the "primary replica" section of the availability group page could appear blank for servers with a case-sensitive collation has been fixed.
  • SRP-13213 Get-SqlMonitorAlertSuppressionWindow by name no longer fails to return alert...

Released: Feb 20, 2020

10.0x 中的更新


Updated May 13, 2020


  • SRP-13045 Login name added to SQL User Process of Server Overview.
  • SRP-12957 Alert Suppression Windows can now be applied to groups as well as individual monitored servers.


  • SRP-12968 Resolve issue with test SNMP button.
  • PowerShell API: The parameter -NetworkProtocol of the cmdlet Add-MonitoredObject was deprecated and will be removed in the future release.
  • SRP-13022 SQL Agent Jobs page now defaults to a day's data instead of a week to reduce load...

Released: Oct 23, 2019

9.2.x 中的更新


Updated Feb 19, 2020


  • SRP-12621 Machines without SQL Servers that are not being monitored correctly will be indicated by a banner on the global overview if Force errored instances is enabled.


  • SRP-12250 Azure custom metrics now respect the include database field.
  • SRP-12733 Redgate annotations no longer display text twice.
  • SRP-12753 Disallow empty or whitespace names in Alert Suppression Window names.
  • Addressed a threading issue that had the potential to cause thread...

Released: Jul 24, 2019

9.1.x 中的更新


Updated Oct 17, 2019


  • Fix memory usage issue with permissions sampler when there are circular Active Directory groups.


Updated Oct 16, 2019


  • Added ability to unpin top graph on server overview page.


  • Fix top graph on server overview page shrinking problem for Chrome.
  • Improved performance for queries against availability groups.
  • An issue that caused the test button on the monitored servers page to incorrectly report errors for standalone machines in a separate...

Released: Jul 17, 2019

9.0.20 中的更新


  • Expanded API to allow enabling or disabling alerts at the Azure Elastic Pool level.
  • Server Overview permissions display now shows latest sample before window end, and displays time of sample.

Released: Jul 10, 2019

9.0.19 中的更新


  • Expanded API to allow enabling or disabling alerts at the Machine, SQL Instance, Cluster, Availability Group, Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Job level.


  • SRP-12057 Long Running Query now filters on both Command type and SQL text.
  • SRP-11977 Global Overview alert feed no longer shows alert counts for servers unavailable to users.
  • SRP-12074 Permissions sampling no longer crashes when encountering circular groups in AD.

Released: Jun 26, 2019

9.0.18 中的更新

Updates in 9.0.18

  • Fixed an issue with backup overdue alerts on availability groups.

Released: Jun 20, 2019

9.0.17 中的更新

Updates in 9.0.17

  • SRP-11899 Increase reliability of "Add SQL Server" test button
  • SRP-12025 Error when loading top queries on server overview page when more than one query has the same SQL handle

Released: Jun 19, 2019

9.0.16 中的更新


  • Discover privileged SQL permissions on your Server Overview - See who has sysadmin and other privileged access as well as Active Directory mappings.


  • SRP-11899 Increase reliability of "Add SQL Server" test button.
  • SRP-12025 Error when loading top queries on server overview page when more than one query has the same SQL handle.

Released: Jun 12, 2019

9.0.15 中的更新


  • Breaking Change - The API now allows for adding and removing of SQL Servers to be monitored.
  • The API now allows full configuration for the Database File Usage alert.


  • SRP-11807 Old job failure alerts duplicated after restart.