Hydra v6.1.97

Released: Feb 20, 2019

v6.1.97 中的更新


  • Uses new COM Interface support in Elements/Island.


  • .NET to Delphi importer creates incorrect definitions for indexed properties.
  • .NET to Delphi importer doesn't generate inherited interfaces in proper order (base interfaces should go first).
  • .NET to Delphi importer should use const modifier for method parameters by default.
  • .NET to Delphi importer uses incorrect type name for Byte[].
  • HY/.NET: .NET WPF Visual Plugins are being released too early.
  • Hydra/.NET: Resources leak on WPF plugin unload.
  • Hydra/Delphi should perform call of garbage collector for .NET plugins.
  • Import of interfaces from .NET assemblies ignores complex types for method parameters/results.
  • Import of interfaces from .NET assembly locks this assembly for a long period of time.
  • Avoid bug with safecall calls in Delphi/linux.
  • Hydra/Island: Templates should have Library output type instead of StaticLibrary.