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在您的 .NET 應用中將 Word 檔轉換為 PDF

2月 12, 2024
直接在 .NET 應用程式中從可編輯的 Word 文件創建普遍支援、安全且可共用的 PDF。


Word to PDF conversion streamlines the transfer of editable Word documents into universally shareable and platform-independent PDFs. This functionality empowers developers to offer document preservation and secure distribution directly within their applications. Users can convert reports, forms, or agreements into PDFs with consistent formatting and layout, ensuring content integrity and accessibility across various devices and software.

Several .NET components offer Word to PDF conversion including:

  • DevExpress PDF Document API - (part of DevExpress Office File API) facilitates Word-to-PDF conversion preserving formatting and enabling PDF/A compliance.
  • ImageGear for .NET by Accusoft converts Word documents to high-fidelity PDFs, retaining intricate layouts and embedded objects.
  • Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) by Antenna House leverages Word-to-PDF conversion, ensuring seamless integration and high scalability.
  • GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET converts Word documents to PDFs offering batch processing, password features and advanced customization options.

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有助於使用者用頁面縮略圖流覽 PDF

2月 12, 2024
帶有支援縮略圖導航的 PDF 元件為使用者提供了一個熟悉的介面,用於在您的 WPF 應用中無縫流覽文件。


Thumbnail navigation, a feature in many PDF readers, offers a visual and efficient way of browsing and switching between pages in a document. It presents miniature representations of each page, typically in a sidebar or panel, providing a visual overview of the document's content. It allows users to quickly scan content, identify sections, and jump directly to the desired page with a single click. This method is faster and more intuitive than scrolling or manually entering page numbers, making the information within the PDF more easily accessible.

Several PDF components for WPF offer thumbnail navigation including:

  • Telerik UI PDF for WPF (part of Telerik UI for WPF) allows you to display thumbnails for intuitive page navigation within your WPF apps.
  • ComponentOne Studio WPF PDF (part of ComponentOne Studio WPF by MESCIUS) enhances the user experience with easy-to-implement thumbnail navigation for quick document browsing in WPF projects.
  • ComPDFKit PDF SDK for Windows features advanced PDF tools and thumbnail navigation support, optimizing document workflows and user experience in any Windows application.
  • Syncfusion WPF PDF (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) provides comprehensive PDF viewing, editing, and thumbnail navigation capabilities, ensuring efficient document handling in WPF environments.

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讓使用者輕鬆查找 PDF 檔中的資訊

2月 5, 2024
用強大的搜索功能簡化您的 JavaScript PDF 應用程式中的資訊檢索,增強使用者體驗和工作效率。


Leveraging a JavaScript PDF component with search functionality empowers dynamic user experiences within static PDF documents. Users gain immediate access to relevant information through keyword searches, boosting document accessibility and efficiency. This interactivity enhances user engagement, improves information retrieval, and reduces navigation time, fostering a more productive and satisfying user journey. Integrating search directly within the PDF eliminates reliance on external tools, streamlining workflows and centralizing information within the document itself.

Several JavaScript PDF Viewers offer search functionality including:

  • KendoReact PDF by Telerik offers intuitive search features to help users locate keywords or phrases within documents, streamlining information retrieval and boosting productivity.
  • Wijmo PDFViewer by MESCIUS empowers users with robust search functionality, enabling them to pinpoint information through comprehensive keyword and text pattern searches.
  • Syncfusion PDF Viewer helps users to easily find essential information using flexible search options, including keyword matching, case sensitivity control, and regular expressions.
  • PrizmDoc Viewer by Accusoft lets users locate content instantly using precise keyword searches, regular expression patterns, and wildcard characters for broader matching.

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將 PDF 安全簽名添加到 .NET 8 WinForms 應用程式

2月 1, 2024
選擇支援 PDF 簽名的元件,以確保文件防篡改、簡化工作流程並增強收件者信任度。


PDF components with PDF signing functionality allow users to securely sign documents directly within your application. This leverages cryptographic libraries to create a digital signature that validates the document's authenticity and integrity. Users can often specify the signing location, reason, and appearance, ensuring a streamlined and auditable signing process. This elevates security beyond a simple e-signature, offering proof against tampering, and is a crucial feature for legal and official documents where verification of authenticity is required.

The following components support PDF signing in .NET 8 WinForms:

  • ComponentOne Studio WinForms PDF (part of ComponentOne Studio WinForms) by MESCIUS enables you to add secure and legally binding electronic signatures to your PDF documents directly within your WinForms applications.
  • Telerik UI PDF for WinForms (part of Telerik UI for WinForms) streamlines the process of adding legally binding electronic signatures to your PDF documents within your Windows Forms applications.
  • Syncfusion Windows Forms PDF (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) offers a comprehensive set of features and a developer-friendly API for streamlining PDF signing workflows within your Windows Forms applications.
  • XFINIUM.PDF CROSS PLATFORM EDITION (part of XFINIUM.PDF CROSS-PLATFORM BUNDLE) provides a seamless and secure PDF signing experience across different platforms, ensuring compatibility for all users.

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介紹我們新的 .NET PDF 檢視器比較

1月 31, 2024
按平臺、語言和價格比較、排序和篩選 35+ PDF 檢視器元件,以找到滿足您需求的正確選擇。


We are pleased to announce our new .NET PDF Viewer Components Comparison. This comprehensive tool is designed help developers and programmers select the most suitable PDF viewer component for their specific requirements.

PDF viewer components seamlessly integrate PDF functionality within your application or website, eliminating the need for users to download separate readers. This enhances convenience, improves workflow efficiency, and grants users direct access to PDF content within various digital contexts.

Our unique comparison lets you easily compare 35+ options, showcasing key features, language support, and framework compatibility in a clear side-by-side format. We've meticulously verified over 125 features and 4,500 data points directly with publishers. Gain an in-depth understanding of each viewer's capabilities, compatibility, and pricing, enabling you to make an informed decision tailored to your project's unique needs and preferences.

Many popular standalone PDF viewer components are available, including:

  • PDFView4NET Windows Forms Edition by O2 Solutions lets you embed a powerful PDF viewer into your WinForms applications, enabling seamless PDF viewing and interaction.
  • XFINIUM.PDF CROSS PLATFORM EDITION provides smooth and consistent PDF viewing across different operating systems with XFINIUM.PDF's versatile platform support.
  • WPViewPDF by WPCubed lets you display and manipulate PDFs right in your .NET or Delphi application, with a multithreaded architecture to handle large PDF files.
  • ExpertPDF PDF Viewer by Outside Software unlocks a comprehensive set of PDF viewing features and annotation tools for any Windows Forms or ASP.NET application.

A number of multi-function product suites also offer PDF viewer components, including:

  • DevExpress WinForms PDF Viewer (part of DevExpress WinForms) offers a feature rich PDF viewer that enables seamless viewing, navigation, and annotation.
  • ComponentOne Studio WinForms PDF (part of ComponentOne Studio WinForms by MESCIUS) lets you deliver engaging PDF functionality with intuitive navigation.
  • Telerik UI PDF for WPF (part of Telerik UI for WPF) enhances your WPF applications with a powerful PDF viewer that offers comprehensive annotation and efficient form filling.
  • Syncfusion WPF PDF (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) lets you integrate a versatile PDF viewer into your WPF apps, with smooth display and seamless form handling.

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