ImagXpress improves Memory Allocation

Up to 50% reduction in peak memory usage.
1月 09, 2013 - 9:46

ImagXpress lets you quickly add imaging functions to your Windows applications including complex imaging tasks for document imaging, photo processing or medical applications. It gives you configurable image compression, extensive file format support, image and thumbnail viewing, document and photo image processing, image editing, TWAIN scanning, document image cleanup, annotations for image mark-up and advanced printing support.

The following editions are available:

Updates in v12

  • Memory Optimization - Memory allocation has been optimized, resulting in up to 50% reduction in peak memory usage.
  • Image Processing Performance Enhancements - The Negate image processing algorithm for color images has been optimized to perform up to 50% faster.
  • Performance Enhancements for Large Multi-Page TIFF Images - Optimized insertion and deletion of TIFFs when processing large files.
  • Read Annotations from Streams - NotateXpress now automatically reads annotations from memory.
  • ISIS Xpress - New API easily passes information to compatible components, such as ImagXpress.
  • Improved Printer Support - Updated Windows print dialog and corrections for using printers with long file names.

About Accusoft

Accusoft was founded in 1991 in Tampa, Florida, Accusoft is one of the largest providers of imaging software development kits (SDKs) and image viewers. Imaging technology solutions include barcode, compression, DICOM, editing, forms processing, OCR, PDF, scanning, video and viewing. Multiple 32bit and 64bit platforms are supported including Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac OSX and IBM AIX.

Process images using ImagXpress .NET Professional.

ImagXpress .NET Standard

執行圖像壓縮、解壓和檔轉換,支援 30 多種流行的圖像檔案格式。


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