ImagXpress Standard ActiveX

The ImagXpress ActiveX SDK lets you quickly add imaging functions to your Windows application. You can quickly develop applications that require complex imaging tasks for document imaging, photo processing, or medical applications, while you concentrate on the unique needs of your program. ImagXpress is one of the fastest ways to develop professional applications involving images. ImagXpress Standard ActiveX offers a solid set of basic image viewing, printing, scanning, and processing features. Viewing tools, image effects and basic image enhancement are included. Document image cleanup and annotation support are not provided. Includes the ImagXpress, ThumbnailXpress, and TwainPRO components.

ImagXpress Standard ActiveX Features

Alpha Channel Support

  • Add alpha channel information to an image
  • Return the alpha channel data within an image as a bitmap
  • Fill the alpha channel with a particular byte value
  • Flatten the alpha channel into the image
  • Get the alpha value for a particular pixel
  • Invert the alpha channel data
  • Remove the alpha channel from an image
  • Set the alpha value for a particular pixel

Color Methods

  • Adjust HSL
  • Adjust RGB
  • Change the color depth of an image
  • Count the number of...


ImagXpress ActiveX v13.7
ImagXpress ActiveX v13.7
改進了對載入單頁和多頁僅圖像 PDF 檔的支援。
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.6
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.6
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.5
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.5
提高了 Microsoft Windows 10 的穩定性和性能。
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.4
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.4
保真度提高再加上對 Windows Server 2016 的支援。
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.3
ImagXpress Standard ActiveX v13.3
解決了多次使用 CopyImage() 方法時誤報記憶體不足的錯誤。
ImagXpress v13.1 released
ImagXpress v13.1 released
New version adds vendor specific Camera RAW support for the latest cameras.
One software license is required per developers。 Run-time NOT royalty free。 Licensee is required to purchase one copy of the development kit(s) for each developer。 Licensee is required to obtain the...


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