FormSuite for Structured Forms

FormSuite for Structured Forms (FormSuite .NET) is a forms processing SDK for integrating powerful character recognition (OCR, ICR, and OMR), form identification, form dropout, scanned document cleanup, and more to eliminate slow, costly manual data entry and data extraction for structured forms. FormSuite includes the following components; FormFix Professional, FormDirector, SmartZone ICR Professional, SmartZone OCR Professional, ScanFix Xpress, ImagXpress Professional, NotateXpress, PrintPRO, TwainPRO and ThumbnailXpress.

FormSuite for Structured Forms Features

  • Document Data Capture
    • Scan Forms - Scan forms and documents to capture valuable data. Completely bypass manual data entry, which speeds up processing and reduces errors.
    • Enhance & Cleanup - Set up your process to enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.
    • Identify & Align Forms - Recognize incoming scanned forms and match them to examples in your master form library.
    • Dropout & Extract Zones - Drop out the forms for improved...


FormSuite for Structured Forms v5.2
FormSuite for Structured Forms v5.2
改進了對掃描 PDF 頁的讀取支援。
FormSuite for Structured Forms v5.1
FormSuite for Structured Forms v5.1
用新的示例增強用於創建表單的 FormAssist 工具,以及對 Visual Studio 2017 的支援。

價格從: $ 5,880.00

One software license is required per developers。 Run-time NOT royalty free。 Licensee is required to purchase one copy of the development kit(s) for each developer。 Licensee is required to obtain the...


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