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將互動式甘特圖添加到您的 macOS 和 iOS 應用程式。
6月 03, 2019 - 14:19


  • Create powerful management tools for Macs - Ganttis framework components are the natural choice for you to present anything that is time based.
  • Mobile first, mobile next - GanttisTouch components were built to be as similar as possible as their macOS counterparts, but to also provide support for touch based activities like zooming, pinch gestures, tapping and long pressing. You can present the same type of diagrams on small screens as on Macs, and if your users' data is stored at a central location such as on iCloud, you can write code to easily synchronize it between both types of devices.
  • Set up items and virtualize them for incredible performance - A Gantt chart controller may be configured to use either a built-in item source based on a classic array, or you can define your own item manager and return only the visible items based on the current row range and timeline page.
  • Add dependecy lines, add clarity to the project - You can add all types of dependencies between items in the diagram, and if you virtualize items, you can also virtualize item dependencies. End users can also intuitively create dependencies using drag and drop operations.
  • Schedules and headers - You can use static built-in instances such as the standard schedule (Mon-Fri 8h/day), or customize them by defining the week and day periods and by writing arbitrary code to return the excluded intervals (be them holidays or any other type of breaks.) You can then set up schedule objects for the visible time and for highlighting working or nonworking time in the diagram. You can then fully configure the chart's headers (even changing their entire collection dynamically, based on the actual zoom level), with one or more rows presenting the appropriate intervals and separators. From milliseconds to millennia, you are free to select any interval type that you wish for each of the header rows (optionally with period and phase), and you can customize their label text formatting by selecting one of the many built-in formatters (optionally with a custom locale too), including numeric styles that are often needed, or you can define your own.
  • Settings, settings, settings - With Ganttis components, you'll find settings that control virtually everything in the diagrams: from hourWidth and rowHeight properties to granular read only toggles and specific behavioral options.
  • Styles, themes, and dark mode - Provides built-in appearance themes for Ganttis components, supporting both light and dark modes on both macOS and iOS platforms. All style values can also be manually reconfigured through code if necessary. And developers can even create full custom themes that optionally support both modes too (starting from the built-in one or from generic styles), whenever needed.
  • Export diagrams - Anything that is presented with a Gantt chart component running on macOS can be exported to a PNG image.
DlhSoft Ganttis

DlhSoft Ganttis

將互動式甘特圖添加到您的 macOS 和 iOS 應用程式。


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