DlhSoft Ganttis

DlhSoft Ganttis helps you present any timeline with ease. It allows you to customize everything including data source, dependencies, schedule definitions, behavior, appearance, and even drawing. You can either use static built-in instances such as the standard schedule (Mon-Fri 8h/day), or customize them by defining the week and day periods and by writing arbitrary code to return the excluded intervals.

DlhSoft Ganttis Features

  • Create powerful management tools for Macs - Ganttis framework components are the natural choice for you to present anything that is time based.
  • Mobile first, mobile next - GanttisTouch components were built to be as similar as possible as their macOS counterparts, but to also provide support for touch based activities like zooming, pinch gestures, tapping and long pressing. You can present the same type of diagrams on small screens as on Macs, and if your users' data is...


DlhSoft Ganttis 2.2
DlhSoft Ganttis 2.2
開發人員現在可以構建 SwiftUI 應用程式,而無需手動打包內部元件。
DlhSoft Ganttis 2.1.15
DlhSoft Ganttis 2.1.15
您現在可以在基於 iOS 的 GanttChart 元件中配置行標題。
DlhSoft Ganttis 2.0
DlhSoft Ganttis 2.0
添加新的 OutlineGanttChart macOS 元件。
DlhSoft Ganttis 發佈
DlhSoft Ganttis 發佈
將互動式甘特圖添加到您的 macOS 和 iOS 應用程式。

價格從: $ 309.42

Personal License: Single developer, Up to 2 computers, Run-time royalty free, Can be purchased by an individual or a company/organization, Small Team License: Up to 3 developers, Up to 6 computers...


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  • macOS 10.13+
  • iOS 11.3+