DlhSoft Kanban Library

DlhSoft Kanban Library is a component that helps you create a Kanban board user interface with horizontal and vertical drag & drop support. You can display as many rows and columns as needed and each cell is highly configurable and may contain multiple item types. You can customize the appearance of the board by setting up styling properties and defining custom templates.


DlhSoft Kanban Library 發佈
DlhSoft Kanban Library 發佈
用於 JavaScript 的 Kanban 元件。

價格從: $ 242.66

Personal License: Single developer, Up to 2 computers, Run-time royalty free, Can be purchased by an individual or a company/organization, Small Team License: Up to 3 developers, Up to 6 computers...


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  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
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