DlhSoft Project Management Library for WPF

Add interactive Gantt and PERT charts, and other project management components to your WPF applications providing: task hierarchy management with task bars and dependency lines supporting drag and drop operations; working time, scales, and zoom level customization; critical path enumeration; resource leveling algorithm; data binding with high customizability; rich user experience, customizable appearance, culture and theme awareness; printing and image exporting; extended Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern support (Prism).

DlhSoft Project Management Library for WPF Features

  • GanttChartTaskListView - Hierarchical data grid and attached scheduling chart with drag and drop support and dependency lines.
  • ScheduleChartResourceListView - Scheduling chart that displays multiple bars on the same line with horizontal and vertical drag and drop support.
  • GanttChartView - Scheduling chart with drag and drop support and dependency lines without associated data grid.
  • ScheduleChartView - Scheduling chart that displays multiple...


DlhSoft joins ComponentSource
DlhSoft joins ComponentSource
DlhSoft Project Management Library for WPF lets you build Gantt Chart and project management applications.

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Personal License: Single developer, Up to 2 computers, Run-time royalty free, Can be purchased by an individual or a company/organization, Small Team License: Up to 3 developers, Up to 6 computers...

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  • .NET WPF


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generalUnited Kingdom5 星
We've used several different Gantt components over the years, trying to add good quality time scheduling into our commercial application. This one is the best by far to date. Just about every aspect... 閱讀詳情