PrizmDoc Viewer v13.8

添加了對 Microsoft Windows Server 2019 的支援,以及新的純文字 Redactors API。
6月 25, 2019 - 16:33


  • Added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
  • Introduced a new Plain Text Redactors API that allows users to input source documents and redaction markup files and receive redacted plain text documents back.
  • Beta Feature*: Added a new property, defaults.viewingPackageLifetime, that allows users to control the default minimum time viewing package content remains available after creation.
  • Beta Feature*: Added Microsoft Azure Blob Storage support for documents, image stamps, markups, form definitions, and viewing packages in PAS Configuration.
  • Created a new Getting Started Guide that makes it easier than ever to understand how PrizmDoc Viewer works, how to integrate it into your web application, and how you can leverage PrizmDoc Cloud to accelerate your evaluation by avoiding the need to install the backend server-side software.
  • Published new introductory samples on GitHub for node.js, ASP.NET, and Java/Spring.
  • Made client-side viewer resources available on Github, outside of the client installer. Download pre-built viewer assets (JavaScript, CSS, fonts, etc.), make deep UI customizations, or re-build it yourself with these new resources.

* Beta features are not officially supported by Accusoft, and their behavior could be changed at any time in a future version of the product.

HTML5 Redaction API in PrizmDoc Viewer.

PrizmDoc Viewer

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