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PrizmDoc is a suite of web services that are accessed using REST APIs that make it easy for you to add document and image processing services to your web site or applications, including: Collaboration tools – Viewing, Annotation, Redaction, eSignature and Document Compare. Compression, Forms with Auto Field Detection, OCR, Watermarking and Conversion. Users can view over 50 different file types, including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, AutoCAD, and many other document and image types without having to install native applications.

PrizmDoc is available as either a cloud-hosted service or a self-hosted service (on-premise).

Reasons to choose Cloud-hosted:

  • Rapid integration - Using the cloud-hosted services, you can focus on getting the PrizmDoc viewing client integrated within your application quickly without having to install PrizmDoc Server.
  • Evaluation and prototyping - The cloud-hosted option is a great solution if you are not yet ready to provision server hardware while you complete your evaluation or development cycle...


PrizmDoc Viewer v13.10
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.10
引入 PrizmDoc 儲存格,一種高級試算表檢視器。
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.9
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.9
當 Web 字體無法使用時,透過對未優化的 SVG 的支援改進了檢視器的性能。
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.8
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.8
添加了對 Microsoft Windows Server 2019 的支援,以及新的純文字 Redactors API。
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.7
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.7
添加對 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 的支援,並升級到 Redaction Creator API 中的 JSON 標記層功能。
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.6
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.6
添加對 JSON 注釋和編輯的支援,並減少文件載入時間。
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.4
PrizmDoc Viewer v13.4
改進了轉換多個 Microsoft Office 文件時的性能。

價格從: $ 1,821.82

PrizmDoc is available in Cloud (Accusoft-Hosted) and Enterprise (Self-Hosted) Licenses。 Cloud: Billed on an annual subscription basis, you will need to renew your license each year to continue to use...


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