GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition 5.1.0

添加將報表範本與 JSON 資料來源直接綁定的功能。
4月 26, 2022 - 15:15


  • GcExcel Report Templates Enhancements - GcExcel Report Templates now support more Microsoft Excel features and the speed of report generation has been improved. In addition, it is also now possible to directly bind Report Templates with a JSON data source using the JsonDataSource class.
  • Import Table, Range, or Worksheet from Excel Files - This release adds the ImportData function which makes it possible to import a specific range of data from an Excel file without loading the whole file. It is faster to use the ImportData function in the following situations:
    • If the source file has a large number of formulas.
    • If the source file has multiple sheets, but the user only wants data from one sheet.
    • If the source file has a lot of data.
  • New CELL Function Support - New CELL function helps you find relevant cell information including address, color, contents, filename and format.
  • Convert Table to Range - Once you convert the Table to a Range, the Table features are no longer available, however, style and data would be retained.
  • Modify Excel Passwords - GcExcel adds the IWorkbook.WriteProtection class to set protection options when saving a workbook. With this new feature you can:
    • Save the workbook as WriteProtection.ReadOnlyRecommended.
    • Add protection options when saving a workbook.
    • Check whether the document has 'Modify Password' set.
    • Set a 'Modify Password'.
    • Set the name of the user who has write permission for the workbook.
    • Check if the password is the same as the one set in 'Modify Password'.
  • CSV Custom Parser - GcExcel introduces ICsvParser for users to parse data using their own rules.
  • Specify 'ShowValuesAs' Option for 'Values' Field - GcExcel now supports the 'Show Values As' option which helps display values.
  • Support for Calculated Fields in Pivot Table - A Calculated Field can help you perform calculations on one or more fields in your data source. GcExcel adds an ICalculatedFields interface which you can use to create or remove calculated fields in a Pivot table.
  • Support for "Show #N/A as an empty cell" in Chart - New IChart.DisplayNaAsBlank property allows you to control whether #N/A data is plotted as an empty cell or not plotted at all on a chart.
  • More features for SpreadJS Integration
    • Support for Pivot table views (JSON I/O) - GcExcel now supports JSON I/O of Pivot Views.
    • Support for TableSheet (JSON I/O) - GcExcel now supports JSON I/O of TableSheets.
    • Numbers Fit Mode - You may have experienced a situation where the number in a column is too wide for the field, resulting in the display of number signs (pound sign "#") in the cell. GcExcel now supports IWorkbookView.NumbersFitMode enum with Mask and Overflow options. The Mask option replaces data with '###,' while the Overflow option overflows data if the neighboring cell is empty. This option works only with SpreadJS JSON I/O or exporting to PDF, HTML, or Image.
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GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition

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