GroupDocs.Viewer for Java V22.9

添加將文字檔呈現為回應式 HTML 的功能。
9月 23, 2022 - 10:01


  • Added the ability to render text files to responsive HTML.
  • Now throws exception when invalid or expired license provided.
  • Added TAR GZipped (TGZ) file-format support.
  • Added TAR XZipped (TXZ) file-format support.
  • Added 7-Zip Compressed File (.7z) file-format support.
  • Added XZipped (XZ) file-format support.
  • Added the option to add empty columns.
  • Added syntax highlighting to programming language formats.
  • Save external resources for text files rendered to HTML.
  • Added Microsoft PowerShell script (.PS1) file-format support.
  • Added PowerShell script module (.PSM1) file-format support.
  • Added PowerShell script module manifest (.PSD1) file-format support.
  • Open files with HTML tables as XLS files.
  • Added support for reading latest Apple .numbers file format.
  • Convert PSD with custom fonts.
  • Preserve original image format when converting JPEG to HTML with embedded resources.
  • Convert PSD to PDF with selectable text.
  • Improved rendering archive files to PDF.
  • Render all archive folder content for multi-page archives.
GroupDocs.Viewer for Java

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java

用於 Java 應用程式的 HTML5 文檔檢視器控制項。


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