GroupDocs.Total for Java

GroupDocs.Total for Java is a compilation of every Java API offered by GroupDocs. It includes GroupDocs.Viewer for Java (a powerful document viewer API that allows you to display over 50 document formats in your Java applications), GroupDocs.Annotation for Java (a flexible API that lets end users annotate Microsoft Office, PDF and other documents within your Java applications), GroupDocs.Conversion for Java (an advanced class API that allows you to convert between over 50 document formats from within your Java applications), GroupDocs.Comparison for Java (allow end users to quickly and easily find differences between two revisions of a document) and much more.

GroupDocs.Total for Java includes the following document manipulation APIs for Java:

  • GroupDocs.Viewer for Java - A powerful document viewer API that allows you to display over 50 document formats in your Java applications. The viewer can work two ways: by rasterizing documents or by converting them to a combination of SVG, HTML, and CSS. Both methods deliver high-fidelity rendering. Supported file formats include Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Outlook documents, PDFs, AutoCAD, image files...


將內置和使用者定義樣式保留為 CSS
將內置和使用者定義樣式保留為 CSS
May 17, 2024Product Update
GroupDocs.Editor for Java 24.4 添加在外部樣式表中將內置和使用者定義樣式保留和存儲為 CSS 規則集的功能。
輕鬆將音訊片段合併到單個 WAV 檔中
輕鬆將音訊片段合併到單個 WAV 檔中
February 28, 2024Product Update
GroupDocs.Merger for Java V24.2 添加對合併多個 WAV 音訊檔的支援,從而精簡了工作流程並簡化了檔管理。
將中繼資料從檔匯出到 XML
將中繼資料從檔匯出到 XML
January 17, 2024Product Update
GroupDocs.Metadata for Java 23.12 讓開發人員提取中繼資料並封裝為公認的 XML 格式。
將所有 Excel 工作表轉換為一個 HTML 檔
將所有 Excel 工作表轉換為一個 HTML 檔
December 15, 2023Product Update
GroupDocs.Viewer for Java V23.11 允許您輸出一個單獨的 HTML 檔,該檔將 Excel 試算表中多個工作表的內容組合在一起。
從 Kindle 檔中提取內容
從 Kindle 檔中提取內容
December 6, 2023Product Update
GroupDocs.Parser V23.11 添加對 Kindle 文件格式的支援,可以從 Kindle 電子書和文件中提取文本和中繼資料。
GroupDocs.Merger for Java V23.10
GroupDocs.Merger for Java V23.10
October 11, 2023新版本
添加在將圖像交叉合併到 PDF 時對 SVG 和 SVGZ 的支援。

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