AddEmail ActiveX

從您的 ASP.NET、VB.NET、C#、C++、VB6、ASP、Access、Excel、Delphi、PowerBuilder 或 FoxPro 應用程式輕鬆創建和發送文本或帶有附件和嵌入圖像的 HTML 電郵。

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關於 AddEmail ActiveX

從您的 ASP.NET、VB.NET、C#、C++、VB6、ASP、Access、Excel、Delphi、PowerBuilder 或 FoxPro 應用程式輕鬆創建和發送文本或帶有附件和嵌入圖像的 HTML 電郵。

AddEmail ActiveX supports SMTP and ESMTP protocols with optional authentication and encryption (SSL), unlimited number of attachments, embedded images, non-blocking calls, progress indication events, To, Cc, Bcc and ReplyTo fields, international characters and much more. Built-in multithreaded SMTP engine can send emails directly to recipient mail servers.

AddEmail will enable your application to create and send text or HTML email messages with attachments and embedded images using SMTP protocol. It works with all development environments that support COM objects, ActiveX or OCX controls, such as Visual Basic (VB5 and VB6), Visual C++, VB.NET 2002-2019, C# 2002-2019, ASP, ASP.NET, Access, Delphi, PowerBuilder, FoxPro, etc. and supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000.

Why Choose AddEmail?

  • It takes only 3 lines of code to send HTML email with attachments using AddEmail. With other controls or .NET classes you will need 20+ lines of code to accomplish the same task.
  • AddEmail can send emails asynchronously without blocking your application. Your application can add a large number of emails to the queue and continue working while AddEmail sends emails in the background.
  • With AddEmail you can import HTML files with embedded images in just one line of code. AddEmail automatically creates HTML email and attaches all images referenced in the HTML.
  • AddEmail provides progress indication events when sending emails.
  • AddEmail can send several emails simultaneously (Enterprise version only).
  • AddEmail can send emails directly to recipients' mail servers without using your SMTP server (Enterprise version only).

Easy to use.
You don't need any knowledge of SMTP, MIME or other Internet protocols to send emails using AddEmail. Whether you need to develop an enterprise email solution or just want to add simple email notifications, you will start using AddEmail in minutes.

Fast and reliable.
AddEmail was developed for today's most demanding applications and was thoroughly tested to ensure enterprise-level reliability and stability.

AddEmail ActiveX Features

  • Supports SMTP and ESMTP protocols - AddEmail sends emails using SMTP/ESMTP protocols with optional encryption (SSL/TLS) supported by all internet mail servers. AddEmail supports authentication and allows your application to specify username and password if required by your mail server. AddEmail was tested with many popular SMTP servers to ensure the highest compatibility.
  • Supports HTML and text emails - AddEmail allows your application to create and send text or HTML emails. HTML emails can have text-only part which will be displayed if email client doesn't support HTML.
  • Supports HTML emails with embedded images - AddEmail makes it easy to create high-impact HTML emails with embedded images. Email recipients don't have to wait until images load from the web. You can include all images in the email to create professional-looking messages.
  • Supports unlimited number of attachments - AddEmail allows your application to send emails with multiple attachments of any size. AddEmail was tested with 100 attachments with a total size of 50 MB.
  • Supports multiple To, Cc and Bcc recipients - Your application can specify multiple recipients in To, Cc (carbon copy) and Bcc (blind carbon copy) fields. AddEmail allows to specify recipient's name in addition to email address. AddEmail also supports ReplyTo field, allowing to direct reply to an address different from the sender's address.
  • Supports non-blocking calls - AddEmail can send emails asynchronously without blocking your application. Your application creates a message and asks AddEmail to send it asynchronously. The call returns immediately and your application is free to process user input while AddEmail sends a message in the background. It's all done automatically and your application doesn't have to do anything special.
  • Supports email progress events - AddEmail fires progress events when it sends emails in the background, so your application always knows how many bytes were sent and how many bytes left. This feature is especially useful when sending large messages and allows you to implement user-friendly interface with mail progress indicator, Cancel button etc.
  • Supports international characters - AddEmail fully supports Unicode and other email charsets. International characters can be used in any field of email message, such as message body, subject, recipients names etc.
  • Sends several emails simultaneously - AddEmail can send several emails simultaneously without any multi-threading support in your application, greatly reducing time needed to send large number of messages. Thanks to AddEmail's advanced multi-threaded SMTP engine, simple Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, ASP or ASP.NET applications can achieve highest levels of performance. (This feature is available only in AddEmail Enterprise version.)
  • Sends emails directly to recipients' mail servers - AddEmail can send emails without using SMTP server of your organization or internet provider. AddEmail queries DNS to obtain MX records and find addresses of recipients' mail servers, then connects to the servers directly and sends the emails. Combined with ability to send several emails simultaneously, this feature greatly speeds up sending of messages. Plus your application knows right away if an email was accepted. (This feature is available only in AddEmail Enterprise version.)
  • No dependencies on other components - AddEmail doesn't depend on any other component or API like CDONT or MAPI. AddEmail.dll is all that's needed and you don't have to worry about installing or configuring anything else. There are no built-in dialogs, no security warnings - your application is in total control of email sending process.
  • Supports in-memory attachments - If your application creates attachment data in memory, there is no need to save attachment file before sending an email. AddEmail is able to read attachment data from memory, and your application can specify file name that the recipient will see.
  • Reads message body from file - AddEmail can read body of email message from specified file. Your web designer can prepare HTML that has to be send, and your application just has to give the file name to AddEmail.

Compare AddEmail ActiveX Professional and Enterprise Editions Features:

Feature Professional Enterprise
Text emails
HTML emails
Unlimited number of attachments
HTML emails with embedded images
Import HTML with images from disk
Multiple To, Cc and Bcc recipients
International characters
Full Unicode support
SMTP authentication
Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
Encrypted connections (SSL/TLS)
Non-blocking asynchronous sending
Progress indication events
Multi-threaded SMTP engine to send large amount of emails very quickly  
Send multiple emails simultaneously  
Send emails directly without using SMTP Server  
AddEmail Help and AddEmail Manual included
Over 50 Visual Basic (VB6), VB.NET, C#, Visual C++, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VBA (Access and Excel), JavaScript and VBScript samples included
Free run-time distribution