AlchemyJ enables analysts and developers to build APIs from Excel spreadsheets which contain the logic and specification of the API. It makes project team members focus on business requirements instead of technical details of the API. All these translate into time, resource and cost-saving, while delivering an even higher quality API.

Why AlchemyJ?
The traditional development process of "Requirements Analysis > System Design > Programming > System Integration Test > User Acceptance Test" imposes too much communication, is prone to error and demands substantial time, resource and skill sets. AlchemyJ eliminates all these problems by simplify the process to "Requirements Modeling > Model Testing > User Acceptance Test". Instead of writing few hundreds of pages of Requirements Specification, Requirements...


AlchemyJ v4.1.1
AlchemyJ v4.1.1
添加從 XML 中提取資料的新函數。
AlchemyJ v4.1.0
AlchemyJ v4.1.0
添加 47 個新的 AlchemyJ Extended Functions(擴展功能)。
AlchemyJ v4.x
AlchemyJ v4.x
將 Excel 模型轉換為 API。

價格從: $ 480.20

One software license is required per developer, per year。 Runtime NOT Royalty Free。 One runtime license is required per server machine running the generated API, per year。 AlchemyJ Studio Enterprise...


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