Aspose.Cells for Java 新版本發表

Released: Oct 15, 2021

V21.10 中的更新


  • Java Heap Space Issue is observed while Converting XLSX file to PDF.
  • Exception “Invalid FontUnderlineType string val” on loading the XLSX file.
  • Exception “java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” on loading an XLSX file.
  • The shadow effect of the text is not rendered correctly.
  • Isosceles triangle orientation is incorrect.
  • When converting XLS file to XLSX, some parts regarding shapes are not rendered correctly.
  • After executing XlsToXlsx, the AutoShape is lost.
  • After executing XlsToXlsx, the...

Released: Sep 16, 2021

V21.9 中的更新


  • Creation date and time and modification date cannot be extracted.
  • XLSX to PDF: Shape to image Error.
  • Image distortion during Excel to HTML.
  • Details changed on Excel to HTML conversion.
  • Formatting issues while converting Excel to HTML.
  • Text Alignment issue during Excel to HTML conversion.
  • Hyperlink function hyperlink is invalid when Excel is converted to HTML.
  • When exporting HTML, the length of the data bar is shorter than that in Excel.
  • Re-saved XLSM file cause file corruption popup when...

Released: Aug 12, 2021

V21.8 中的更新


  • Large amount of unused styles being generated into the CSS section.
  • Graphic text values are not displayed when converting XLSX to PDF.
  • Text after a “br” tag within an “em” tag is not emphasized when converting an HTML document to a Workbook.
  • IllegalArgumentException: Invalid column index.
  • Incorrect color when save as html.
  • Regression: MDURATION formula not calculated properly.
  • Power operator “^” is not working for formula calculations.
  • Image missing in the Output PDF.
  • Default fonts on macOS...

Released: Jul 14, 2021

V21.7 中的更新


  • Added the ability to digitally sign a VBA code project with a certificate.
  • Added the ability to get external data ranges and details.


  • Large amount of unused styles being generated into the CSS section.
  • SheetRender does not render the flow chart correctly.
  • Missing text in circle during XLS to HTML conversion.
  • When executing SVG to insert Excel under Java, it exits abnormally.
  • Percentage data from a Pivot Table is not showing properly in HTML.
  • Superscripts and subscripts not formatted...

Released: Jun 18, 2021

V21.6 中的更新


  • CellsException: Error for ZipFile while importing ODS.
  • Timeline is broken after saving file.
  • PivotField.hideItem() does not take effect in the output file.
  • Text after a “br” tag within a “th” tag gets truncated when importing an HTML document.
  • Getting the wrong formula from a cell.
  • Document properties cannot be extracted.
  • The value of the formula using the data table cannot be extracted correctly.
  • Formatted result of numeric value is incorrect for zh_CN locale.
  • Content of the Excel file is...

Released: May 14, 2021

V21.5 中的更新


  • Japanese calendar using an Excel function is not read correctly.
  • Rotated text incorrectly aligned when saved as HTML.
  • Pivot table refresh issue.
  • Regression: getLastSavedUniversalTime returns incorrect date.
  • Cells Track Changes Exception.
  • Regression: Invalid reference for list.
  • Infinite loop when saving copied workbook.
  • Issue with data sorting when clicking on header links in the GridWeb spring demo.
  • Issue with edit mode in the GridWeb Java.
  • Fonts are not embedded in PDF for non ASCII...

Released: Apr 15, 2021

V21.4 中的更新


  • Added the ability to access data in batch mode with improved performance.
  • Added the ability to process the leading single quote of cell’s value when exporting/importing CSV/TSV files.
  • Added the ability to override the default rules of string comparison.


  • Sorting is not working when data contains non alpha numeric characters.
  • Text placement shifted to the left when saving as HTML.
  • Escape and line break chars not correctly rendered when converting HTML to Excel.
  • Conditional Format with Data...

Released: Mar 12, 2021

V21.3 中的更新


  • Added support for UNIQUE() function.
  • Added the ability to read chart sub titles.
  • Added support for Japanese unified formatting results.


  • Conditional formatting is not rendered properly in ODS to HTML conversion.
  • The output file is corrupt after copying workbook.
  • Issues while converting HTML to Excel.
  • CalculateFormula() creates lot of error type values #VALUE.
  • Percentage issue for labels when printing charts.
  • Percentages issue for some labels when rendering to PDF and printing charts...

Released: Feb 5, 2021

V21.2 中的更新


  • Copy produces corrupted workbook.
  • Issue when saving chart having image in the marker to image.
  • Workbook/Worksheet Password Protection settings lost when saving as XLSB file format.
  • Copying sheet produces corrupt workbook.
  • Exporting single sheet to HTML raises Exception.

Released: Jan 15, 2021

V21.1 中的更新


  • Added the ability to validate VBA project passwords.


  • XLSX to PDF conversion hangs.
  • Different diagrams on Excel to PDF.
  • Images placement issues while converting Excel to HTML.
  • DAYS function calculation error.
  • Combo chart can't display correctly in Excel to PDF.
  • Percentages was not showed at the small histograms.
  • Error with form controls or ActiveX controls when saving as EXCEL_97_TO_2003.
  • Corrupted file created while converting ODS to XLSX.
  • Display as blank changes from true to false...