Five Stars

smungal 購買過授權的客戶美国5 星

We were very disappointed when new upgrades of Microsoft Office now meant that one must debug, or rewrite implemented macros in Excel. We needed a way to work with Excel spreadsheets but to avoid using VB. Luckily for us, I encountered the trial version for Aspose.Cells for Java. We used the trial version to clean data from multiple *.csv files, accrue them into one file, sort them, perform statistics on the data and show the stepwise cumulative results over multiple worksheets in one Excel workbook (spreadsheet). Our next plan is to use visuals in our spreadsheets and Aspose.Cells for Java has this ability. Overall, we are pleased with the following features:

  1. Fidelity: Aspose has been able to convert all the *.csv files into *.xls or *.xlsx from the same code base in chosen fonts. Formulas were accurately executed and sorting at 3 levels were precise just like in Excel.
  2. Speed: Aspose has been able to work with multiple files (our goal is 1500+ files) for repetitive cleaning, accruing, sorting and data analysis in seconds versus extensive time processing the data manually. We didn’t do a comparison with our Excel macros currently due to compatibility and other issues with the new MS Office implementation.
  3. Reliability: Aspose has been able to reliably work with all our datasets to produce results in a consistent and verifiable manner.

Bottomline, Aspose.Cells for Java works very well for us. Great job Aspose!