CodeRush Ultimate 新版本發表

Released: Mar 4, 2021

20.2.8 中的更新


Organize Members

  • Improved Options Page - Redesigned the Organize Members options page to make it easier to use.
    • The new Duplicate button copies the selected rule, adding it to the end of the list.
    • Added drag & drop support to the rules list. To change a rule's position, simply drag a rule and drop it where you need it.

Blazor Support

Code Templates for DevExpress Blazor Components - Added a number of powerful new code templates to help you quickly create many of the popular DevExpress...

Released: Jan 26, 2021

20.2.7 中的更新


Code Formatting

  • EditorConfig Support - CodeRush now uses Microsoft Visual Studio's format settings defined in the EditorConfig file. EditorConfig settings will have a higher priority than formatting preferences set in the CodeRush Options dialog.

Blazor Support

  • Declare Providers - CodeRush declaration providers are now available in .razor markup. You can use them to declare local variables, methods, parameters, fields, properties and constants. For example, you can apply Declare Field to...

Released: Dec 21, 2020

20.2.6 中的更新


  • Code Analysis - Static code analysis is running even if it is disabled and unregistered from Visual Studio in Visual Studio v16.8+.
  • Visual Studio constantly displays the 'Gathering suggestions' message on an attempt to show the 'light bulb' menu.

Released: Dec 17, 2020

20.2.5 中的更新


  • Exclude Generated Code from Analysis - CodeRush now allows you to exclude files and code regions that contain generated code from code analysis and code cleanup. Just open the Editor | All Languages | Generated Code options page and add the necessary file patterns or region titles to bypass during analysis and code cleanup.
  • Smart Dot Enhancements
    • You can now quickly multi-press the dot key (".") when the caret is inside parens in a method call with parameters. CodeRush will move the dot and...

Released: Nov 18, 2020

20.2.4 中的更新


Naming Conventions

  • EditorConfig Support - You can now configure naming conventions in CodeRush using the Microsoft Visual Studio's naming styles options and corresponding settings in the EditorConfig file.

Blazor Support

  • Declare Providers - CodeRush declaration providers are now available from @code sections in .razor files. You can use them to declare local variables, methods, parameters, fields, properties, and constants. Type is intelligently inferred from the surrounding code.


Released: Oct 27, 2020

20.2.3 中的更新


Blazor Support

  • Refactorings - Declare Event Handler
    • This release introduces the "Declare Event Handler (Razor code block)" and "Declare Event Handler (Razor code behind)" refactorings. These refactorings generate an event handler in the @code block of a .razor file and in a Razor code-behind file (razor.cs) for the selected method reference.

Organize Members Enhancements

  • You can now create rules to group members by:
    • Member type name (property/field type, method return type, etc.).
    • Member name...

Released: Sep 29, 2020

20.1.8 中的更新


Blazor Support

  • Extract Razor Component - This release introduces the "Extract Razor Component" code provider. This code provider allows you to extract selected HTML markup into a new Razor component file (Component.razor). You can then reuse and share the Razor component in all your projects. This code provider also adds new Blazor usings to the _Imports.razor file.

XAML Support

  • Element Spacing Formatting Options - This release supports Microsoft Visual Studio's Element Spacing formatting...

Released: Sep 3, 2020

20.1.7 中的更新


  • Improved Microsoft Blazor support - Added new Blazor templates.
  • Improved HTML support - Ported templates for HTML from CodeRush Classic.


  • Fixed an issue where IntelliRush breaks auto-formatting on tag completion for XAML in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
  • Fixed an issue where CodeRush causes typing slowdowns after opening a solution.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Use String.Format" refactoring is not available for the code that contains a variable’s value or the result of an expression.
  • Fixed...

Released: Aug 4, 2020

20.1.6 中的更新


  • Changes in CodeRush Menu Position Customization for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 - Visual Studio 2019 16.4 and up now allows you to specify where CodeRush menus should be placed, and so the older CodeRush option (on the Quick Setup options page) has been removed, which also gives you a slight performance boost on startup (saving about 1600ms on a typical dev machine). By default, the CodeRush menu is placed in Visual Studio Extensions menu.
  • Blazor Support
    • The following CodeRush features are...

Released: Jul 2, 2020

20.1.5 中的更新


Unit Testing - Run Settings File Support - You can now exclude the following members, files, and assemblies from Code Coverage analysis using a .runsettings file:

  • Source files matching a specified path/name pattern.
  • Signed assemblies matching a specified public key token.
  • Members with a specified matching attribute.
  • Assemblies having a specified AssemblyCompany attribute value.

Blazor Support - Blazor developers get improved template and refactoring support in this release.

  • Code Templates...