combit Report Server

The combit Report Server is included in combit List & Label Enterprise Edition reporting tool. It is an immediately installable and ready to use reporting solution, completely without any programming effort. The web application works in any modern browser on all devices. You can configure data sources and easily create reports and previews with the Ad-hoc Designer. Numerous export formats deliver the report to the recipient in the format they need. The combit Report Server takes all of your data, from all common sources, and transforms it into insightful business reports. Whether you’re at your office PC or working on the go from a notebook, smartphone, or tablet, you always have the latest technology at your fingertips.

We use combit Report Server extensively and successfully in our sales department. It provides professional analyses reliably and quickly and speeds up our work processes no end.

Goran Vogt, Valser Service, Switzerland

Up and Running in No Time

The combit Report Server is incredibly easy to install and administer: all you need is at least a Windows Server 2008 SP2, and the corresponding log-on information. You simply hook up your data sources guided by the intuitive interface, and then enable your users to access the Report Server via their browser. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Suitable for All Major Browsers and Devices

With the combit Report Server, you have full freedom of choice. You can generate...

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combit Report Server is licensed as part of List & Label Enterprise Edition。 Can I redistribute the combit Report Server royalty free? Yes, if you would like to redistribute the combit Report Server...


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  • Windows Server 2008-2016 (僅限64位)。
  • Windows 10 專業和企業 (僅64位)。
  • xps 印表機驅動程式 "Microsoft XPS 文檔編寫器"。