PowerTCP Mail for ActiveX 產品特點

Features of PowerTCP Mail for ActiveX

Benefits & Features

  • Comprehensive support for multi-byte characters added with version 2.0.39
  • Detailed knowledge of SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and MIME is not required
  • Enhanced SMTP commands such as 8BITMIME, PIPELINING, SIZE and Delivery Status Notifications are automatically used if advertised by the server
  • The Message object provides a precise object representation of any e-mail message. This formatting object supports easy manipulation of simple and complex (even nested) MIME messages
  • Controls maintain small memory footprints, even while encoding/decoding large messages in memory
  • Encoded/decoded messages need not be spooled to disk, making this product a real performer for messages buffered in memory
  • Supports mail address verification
  • One method call builds and sends a message

Sample Projects

  • Bulk Mailer – Uses the SMTP control to show how to send the same message to many recipients. Addresses are taken from a CRLF delimited text file. Uses the POP control to show how to maintain a list of people who have replied with REMOVE in the subject. Visual Basic 6
  • Mail Forwarder – Uses the POP control to retrieve all messages for a given source address. Uses the SMTP control to forward those messages to a given destination. Visual Basic 6
  • Smtp Client – Demonstrates how to build and send a message using the Message Object and SMTP Control. Visual Basic 6, VC++ 6, Delphi 4, PowerBuilder 6
  • Pop Client – Demonstrates many aspects needed to create a simple message client program using the Message Object and the POP Control. Visual Basic 6, VC++ 6, Delphi 4, PowerBuilder 6
  • Quick Send – A simple version of the SmtpClient application, uses the QuickSend method to show how to quickly send a message with very little coding. Visual Basic 6, VC++ 6, Delphi 4, PowerBuilder 6
  • Imap Client – Demonstrates interactive operation with an IMAP4 server. Visual Basic 6, VC++ 6, Delphi 4, PowerBuilder 6
  • Message Chunker – Uses the SMTP Control and the Message Object to show how to break a large message into several smaller chunks that the receiver can later reassemble back into a single large message. Visual Basic 6
  • DB Pop – Uses the Database capabilities of VB to create a database and populate it with all messages that currently residing in a designated POP3 Account. Visual Basic 6 and Access 97
  • Merge Mail – From a database of members of a sales force, determine the monthly sales of each member and then E-mail each member a letter reflecting their performance. Access 97
  • Email Verifier - Shows how to use the SMTP control to verify an e-mail address

Potential Uses/Applications

  • Custom Mail Client applications
  • Help Desk applications
  • ASP (web-based) Mail Applications
  • Custom e-mail notification applications
  • Custom Mail processing or routing applications
  • Bulk mailer applications
  • Automatically e-mail a compressed file from your application
  • Filter and forward mail received at specific e-mail addresses
  • Create a unified messaging application for your company
  • MIME message (attachment) manipulation, including decoding and encoding

What’s Included: The Mail Tool installation comes complete with the following:

  • 11 Controls/Objects
  • 31 Full Sample projects
  • 4 ASP/ASP.NET Samples
  • Debug Server for debugging and protocol testing
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples