PowerTCP Sockets for .NET

PowerTCP Sockets for .NET contains easy-to-use TCP and UDP components that can help you create Internet client applications with only a few lines of code and convenient Events. The Ping component enables server verification using ICMP, UDP, and TCP, while the Trace component conducts an asynchronous Trace Route for fast response. The DNS component is not dependent on OS services, allowing for the use of any DNS server. Advanced SegmentedStream technology allows for data to be received up to a specific delimiter or fixed-length, which is ideal for building custom TCP-based protocols


  • AutoReceive technology reduces code by managing all incoming data
  • On-the-fly data parsing and Event notification with the TCP component
  • Supports SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies
  • High server performance with every connection receiving a separate thread (tested to accept over 75 connections per second)
  • Designed for usage on the desktop, in a Web Service, or in ASP.NET
  • Unique asynchronous UDP send/receive capability enhances what is provided in the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • EnhancedStream and...


PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V6.1.0.5
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V6.1.0.5
March 23, 2023新版本
改進了 Microsoft Visual Studio 集成。
更新了 PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
更新了 PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
December 22, 2022新版本
添加對 .NET 7 的支援。
更新了 PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
更新了 PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
May 16, 2022新版本
添加對 Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 的支援。
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V4.5.4.0
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V4.5.4.0
May 2, 2018新版本
添加對 .NET Standard 2.0 和 .NET Core 2.0 的支援。
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V4.5.3.0
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V4.5.3.0
March 9, 2017新版本
添加對 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 的支援。
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V4.5.2.0
PowerTCP Sockets for .NET V4.5.2.0
October 20, 2016新版本
IPv6 Ping 回復位址現在報告正確。

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Single Developer License。 You may install the software on up to two computers for your personal use only。 If the licensee is an organization, it may designate one individual within the organization...

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Charles 美国5 星

I found the component to work as I needed. It was easy to install and license. I have had no problems and have not had to call customer service at all.