Dynamic Web TWAIN 授權

倘若您需要討論您有關Dynamic Web TWAIN的許可要求,請聯絡我們Dynamsoft Corporation方面的許可專家。

The Software is licensed on a per-Server, per-Application basis. A Server License is required to deploy one Application that uses the Software to one Server. Once a Server License has been purchased, unlimited desktops are permitted to access the Application. There are two pricing options for you to choose from:

  • Lifetime (Perpetual) licensing
  • Yearly licensing

Domain License is on a per application per domain name basis (Unlimited Servers). Not for resale. A domain is defined as a top-level or second-level domain. For example, www.dynamsoft.com and www.dynamsoft.ca are two domains; www.dynamsoft.com and www.microsoft.com are two domains.

Servers apply to both physical and virtual servers, and include but not limited to:

  • Production servers,
  • Failover (for backup or disaster-recovery to a production environment) and standby servers,
  • Development servers,
  • Quality assurance servers,
  • Testing servers,
  • Staging servers

Maintenance Benefits

  • Free Major Upgrades (e.g. v6.x to v7.x)
  • Free Minor Upgrades (e.g. v6.1 to v6.3)
  • Patch files
  • Premier Support

Basic Support

  • Target Response Time to Email Requests less than 3 Business Days
  • Technical Support via Forum

Premier Support

  • One-on-One Product Training
  • Access to Non-Published Demos and Examples
  • Access to Non-Published Patches and Fixes
  • Target Response Time to Email Requests less than 1 Business Days
  • Technical Support via Forum
  • Technical Support via Live Chat (Up to 20 times per Year)
  • Technical Support via Telephone (Toll-free)
  • Technical Support via Web Meeting (Up to 5 times per Year)