EPPlus is a .NET library for managing Office Open XML spreadsheets. The library is designed with the developer in mind allowing any developer with knowledge of Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet library to easily get up to speed with the API. EPPlus provides an intuitive programming interface to most of Microsoft Excel’s functionality, such as styling, charts, pictures/shapes, VBA/Form controls, formula calculation, tables, pivot tables, conditional formatting, data validation, etc. EPPlus' feature set and programming interface has always been driven by real world requirements and feedback from its very large user base (EPPlus has been downloaded by .NET Developers more than 40 million times).

EPPlus has been widely used in various .NET environments to create/read/update spreadsheets – in SAAS platforms and internal systems, on-premise and in the cloud. It has also made its way into the Docker/Web assembly world.

EPPlus Features

  • Workbook
    • Document/Printer settings.
  • Worksheets
    • Supports 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.
    • Add, remove, re-order, rename, hide/unhide worksheets in a workbook.
    • Copy worksheets within a workbook or to another workbook with maintained styling and shifting of...


EPPlus 6.2.4
EPPlus 6.2.4
EPPlus 6.2.0
EPPlus 6.2.0
EPPlus 6.1.1
EPPlus 6.1.1
添加對 .NET 7 的支援。
EPPlus 6.1.0
EPPlus 6.1.0
EPPlus 6.0.7
EPPlus 6.0.7
添加新的 ExcelPackage.Configure 方法,對設定檔的位置、名稱和錯誤處理進行配置。
EPPlus 6.0.4
EPPlus 6.0.4
改進了 SUMIF 和 COUNTIF 函數中迴圈引用的處理。

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EPPlus is licensed under a dual license model。 Polyform Noncommercial 1。0。0 for noncommercial use and Commercial Licenses for commercial businesses。 The Commercial Licenses are licensed per developer...


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