EPPlus v7.0.10

Released: Mar 11, 2024

v7.0.10 中的更新


  • Having a workbook with group drawings in group drawings caused EPPlus to fail on load.
  • Having #REF with a sheet reference when inserting a Row/Column caused the formula to become corrupt.
  • Files from 7.0.6 and prior with Data Validations would sometimes fail to be read.
  • Data Validations with AlternateContent nodes are now read if the Fallback node contains formulas.
  • Some cultures would sometimes get double negative signs in the .Text property of cells.
  • Invalid characters in the name parameter were not validated for the AddValue and AddFormula methods of ExcelNamedRangeCollection.
  • Defined names with string values was not xml encoded on saving the package.
  • Setting style's (like Font for a cell) on the row level did not get the cell style from the column level causing cells intersecting to loose that style.
  • ExcelRangeBase.SaveToText and ExcelRangeBase.SaveToTextAsync with a FileInfo did not close the file.
  • Intersect operator was replaced with 'isc' when copying cells.
  • EPPlus removed all styling when setting a Table's CalculatedFormula to an empty string.
  • ActiveTab was not re-calculated when moving worksheet.