EurekaLog is a new Delphi and C++Builder exception tracer tool that gives your application (GUI, Console, Web, etc.) the power to catch all exceptions, memory leaks and detect infinite-loops and deadlocks. It generates a detailed log with the call stack at the point that raised the exception, showing unit, class, method and line number, and displays it on screen and optionally sends it back to you via email or to a Web Server (using the HTTP-S/FTP protocols or sending directly to your preferred "Web Bug Tracker" software), thus helping speed up the process of bug-location and resolution by a factor of 10.

We purchased Eurekalog to find one strange bug in our application. The same day we installed Eurekalog it solved two problems we didn't know about. The error we originally were looking for was also discovered.

Brian Andersen, Developer, Dansk Catering Center.

EurekaLog triggers when your application throws an unhandled exception, hangs, leaks or overwrites memory. It creates a report and sends it to your development team.

EurekaLog traps exceptions, hangs, and memory problems in applications built by RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder).

EurekaLog builds a comprehensive report, including crash information, call stack, disassembly, your application information, external environment, including other running applications, services, etc. The bug report...


EurekaLog v7.8.2.11 RC1
EurekaLog v7.8.2.11 RC1
添加對 Exceptionless 錯誤跟蹤器軟體的初始支援。
EurekaLog 7.8
EurekaLog 7.8
EurekaLog v7.7.5
EurekaLog v7.7.5
Delphi/C++Builder 異常跟蹤工具,捕獲所有異常和記憶體洩漏, 檢測無限迴圈和鎖死。

價格從: $ 146.02

One software license is required per developer。 Company License - Licenses all developers at a company at a single physical address。 Corporate License - One license covers all developers at all of the...


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jonathansmorais 巴西5 星

Uma excelente ferramenta de análise e gestão de incidentes que em minha opinião (de diversas pesquisas e testes) é a melhor do mercado para Delphi. Muito facil de instalar e configurar. O que mais... 閱讀詳情