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ComponentSource 開始代理銷售的日期:2007年

版本: V11.9.1/8.10.0 新增功能 更新: Mar 28, 2020


Please note that the minimum Enterprise License price for this product is $30,000 USD or €30,000 EUR approx. and includes access to the product Source Code. In addition, annual maintenance and software updates are available for an additional $6,000 USD or €6,000 EUR approx. per year. Please contact us for a price Quote.

FlexGanttFX 新版本發表

Released: Mar 28, 2020

11.9.1/8.10.0 中的更新


  • New in FlexGanttFX 8.10.0
    • Performance enhancements.
    • Canvas & Dateline "buffer".
    • New rendering approach for activity links (Canvas API replaces Nodes / Scenegraph approach).


  • Fixes in FlexGanttFX 11.9.1
    • Fixed javadoc generation.
    • Fixed rendering of activity links.

Released: Oct 23, 2019

v11.9.0 中的更新


New for FlexGanttFX 11.9.0 (support for Java 11 / OpenJFX 11).

  • New Feature
    • Adds ability to add a frozen row in the time line.
  • Enhancements
    • Redraw graphics when row calendars change.
    • Visible Area in RadarView.
    • Use modena color constants for GraphicsBase.
    • Move property sheet support into "extras" module.
    • The styleclass "zoneIdLabel" should be moved from gantt.css to graphics.css (and renamed).
  • Other
    • Moved style class "zoneIdLabel" from gantt.css to graphics.css. Renamed it to "zone-id-label...

Released: Apr 9, 2019

8.9.0 中的更新


  • New feature: “frozen” row in timeline for visualizing “global” events.
  • Enhanced CSS styling support, even for renderers.


  • Various bug fixes.

Released: Oct 13, 2017

V8.8.1 中的更新


  • Added ability to filter rows.


  • Fixed - No i18n for time unit and time zones.
  • Fixed - Cursor / Calendars / Now Line widgets not binding with action state.
  • Fixed - Transfering custom data via drag and drop from gantt chart.
  • Fixed - Memory leak in RowCanvasBehaviour.
  • Fixed - NPE (Null Pointer Exception) error thrown when gantt control width is 0.
  • Fixed - Links not being rendered properly after sorting rows.

Released: Jun 19, 2017

V8.8.0 中的更新


  • Improved rendering performance.


  • Fixed - Agenda layout scale does not show hours.
  • Fixed - After changing the size of rows, links are pointing to nowhere.
  • Fixed - Drag indicators stay after dropping outside graphics area.
  • Fixed - Infinite loop rendering dateline in DST change.
  • Fixed - Vertical scrollbar behaves strange when there is only one row visible.
  • Fixed - Too many redraws when scrolling vertically.
  • Fixed - Timeline scrolls to the right when trying to zoom in with "frozen" time over...

Released: Feb 14, 2017

1.7.0 中的更新


  • [FLEXFX-306] - Endless automatic horizontal scroll if dragging activities.
  • [FLEXFX-311] - onActivityStartTimeChangeStartedProperty() always returns null.
  • [FLEXFX-313] - TimelineModel HorizonStartTime / HorizonEndTime.
  • [FLEXFX-314] - NPE when expanding or collapsing rows with empty model.
  • [FLEXFX-315] - Change behaviour of property "smallestTemporalUnit" in TimelineModel class.
  • [FLEXFX-301] - Too many calls of the GanttChartSkin.updateListRows() method.

Released: Jul 12, 2016

V1.6 中的更新


  • New GanttChartLite control inherits from the new base class called GanttChartBase. The lite version only consists of the timeline and the graphics area.
  • New container type - The quad container displays four Gantt charts at the same time and synchronizes the timeline scrolling between the two charts on the left-hand side and the two charts on the right-hand side.
  • Added activity filtering - GraphicsBase.setActivityFilter(Predicate filter); Acts only on the UI layer, it does not have any impact...

Released: May 27, 2016

1.5 中的更新

Updates in v1.5

New Feature

  • [FLEXFX-279] - Add toggle to disable automatic redrawing of activities after repository change events.


  • [FLEXFX-107] - Do not create link nodes if they will not be visible anyways.
  • [FLEXFX-259] - InnerLinesLayer: support line dashes.
  • [FLEXFX-280] - ActivityBase ID uses slow UUID identifier.
  • [FLEXFX-281] - Support horizontal scrolling with mouse wheel.
  • [FLEXFX-282] - Improve performance in model classes.
  • [FLEXFX-284] - Use "shortcut" modifier instead of hard...

Released: Feb 3, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • SimpleDateline threw exception when zooming out too far.
  • End (first) day lost for lasso with autogrid.
  • Wrong lasso selection with autogrid and agenda layout.
  • Disabling autoscroll.
  • Setting root frequently caused NoSuchElementException.
  • Memory leaks related to listeners.
  • Zoom out with selection gesture in Timeline if scroll was activated.
  • Missing week in Dateline.
  • First row of dateline dissapeard.
  • Misplaced green dot on left-top corner (agenda cursor line).
  • Agenda...

Released: Aug 19, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in V1.3.0

The focus of this release was on bug fixing and migration to JavaFX 8u40 and higher. (This version requires JavaFX 8u40+ and ControlsFX 8.40.9.)

New Features

  • Zooming in/out by CTRL + scroll up/down.
  • Added method to disable horizontal drag scrolling.
  • New methods on GanttChart control for expanding / collapsing rows.


  • Drag image is centered while dragging an activity.
  • MutableActivity does not have a setter for ID.
  • Drawing ticks in chart layer in the same way as in...